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Delicious Ambiguity

Originally posted on J Seeks Joy:
Last week I was texting a friend and we talked for a minute about planning life. Growing up, you believe everything is formulaic and logically follows a sequence. And it is that way for a long time. The option to not make choices is a luxury you don’t appreciate until it’s long gone.  Now that I’m out of high school and have been through college, earned a master’s degree, have worked for over two and a half years, and have been in a long term relationship for all of that time, there are two things I’ve realized: You can’t avoid a lot of decisions. You can’t plan your life. Not to say you have no say in the direction your life takes, but you can’t make a five year plan that simply says: new job in one, married in two, house in three, baby in four (if you’re following the ‘right’ way to do things.) It’s okay to set a goal and work hard for what you want, but it’s dangerous to…

DIY Estate Planning: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Originally posted on The Millennial Lawyer:
An abundance of information is at our fingertips. Any question we have can be answered by a few strokes on a keyboard. With all of that information readily available, it is no surprise that the DIY movement has exploded. I personally am a huge fan of do-it-yourself crafts. My pinterest board is full of wreaths and how to repurpose furniture. While I will try my hand at a craft in a heartbeat, I would never follow a DIY on something that requires a professional, like plumbing or electrical. Everyday though, somebody somewhere thinks instead of hiring a professional, they can handle the job. Including DIY legal documents. People tell themselves, “How hard can it really be to get a will?” I can print it off the internet, have it signed and notarized, and BOOM, I’m covered. Cheap, Quick, and Easy. Cheap, quick, and easy does not always equate to “legal and binding”. The heirs of Anthony J. Ferrantino found that out the hard way: LegalZoom was the target of a class…

Best-Ever Black Bean Burgers

Originally posted on Erin Leigh Ever After:
I’ve eaten a whole lot of veggie burgers throughout my vegetarian life. Rarely have I ever made them myself, and this recipe really outshines anything you can buy in the freezer aisle. It takes a little bit longer to make this recipe, so if you’re always in a time crunch after work like me, hold off on this recipe until the weekend. I often find myself facing a major problem in trying new recipes: I don’t have a food processor. But I found a secret hack to the lack of food processor- an electric mixer. It seriously works like a charm! This recipe in particular comes from Ambitious Kitchen, but I made a few alterations that worked better for me. This recipe originally calls for half of a jalepeno and 2 teaspoons of spicy cajun spices, but I am not a big fan of spicy food so I took it out. It also called for sprouts as a topping on the burgers which in general are delicious, but I…

Breakin’ Up Is Easy To Do

There are a lot of bad relationships that currently exist. There are some that aren’t “bad,” but they have no desire to remain in the relationship. Easy solution, right? Just break up. Most will agree that it is easier said than done. Here are a few tips that may help you get through it.