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How to Book the Perfect Hostel: 5 Things You Need to Keep In Mind

Originally posted on TRVL 101:
Choosing where you want to stay is almost as important as choosing where you want to go. Your hostel experience can make or break your trip. There are a few major things that you need to consider when booking the perfect hostel. Proximity to City Center Choosing a hostel close to the city center will not only be more convenient, but also lower your cost dramatically! Think about it, if you have to take a cab or public transportation twice a day, each way (four trips), your expenses grow at an exponential rate. A good rule of thumb is to stay within 2 km of the city centre. This is generally within walking distance. Amenities Each hostel is different, and it’s important to check what’s included! Some things that are crucial to have include a kitchen, free WIFI, continental breakfast, and linens and towels. It’s quite awkward to arrive at a hostel and realize bedding isn’t included and then be unprepared. Reviews Probably the most important thing to do when booking a hostel is to…