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How to Dye Hair With Henna

Originally posted on L.S. stories:
English | Українська Hi, girls! Today I want to share with you my experience of dyeing hair with henna. I dyed my hair with henna for the first time when I was 13. I wanted to change my look and my mother advised me the natural alternative instead of synthetic hair dyes. Since time I have been using henna very often. When I studied at university I tried to dye my hair with a no ammonia hair colorant (such as L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss), but I didn’t like them. I have a sensitive scalp and these colorants always irritates my skin. And after a few times of usage I noticed that my hair became more fragile and lifeless. I knew I had to change my hair care routine immediately. So I’ve turned to henna again and here you see the result. My first three steps were: 1) Improving my daily diet + adding more vitamins. I started eating spirulina in spring and autumn 2) Using sulfate-free shampoos 3) Dyeing hair…

Hair Care Routine with Klorane Shampoos

Originally posted on L.S. stories:
English | Українська Hi, guys! Today I’m sharing a little review on two shampoos by Klorane. These shampoos can make hair care routine more pleasant and effective. I washed my hair with them too and hadn’t find any disadvantages, except of one – they contain sulfates. The first one is anti-dandruff shampoo with myrtle extract. It has a strong a bit ‘’chemical’’ smell (I can’t describe it as herbal or natural) and light green color. It is perfect for oily hair, because it removes dandruff, calms sculp irritations and absorbs skin oil. After using shampoo with myrtle my husband liked the result. His hair becomes very shiny and light. This shampoo makes big foam and you don’t need wash your hair twice. My husband uses it once a week to refresh his hair, make it look healthier and to keep his oily hair under control. The second shampoo with oat milk by Klorane is made for whole family and for all hair types. This shampoo reminds me liquid body lotion…

How to make Vegan Hair Gel ~DIY

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday!!! its time for another DIY! I have been loving this one 🙂 I actually saw someone make this last weekend and I was shocked at how well it worked! so had to try it for myself 😀 I promise it won’t make your hair all dry and crunchy 😉 This Gel will keep in the fridge for about a week and you should make it fresh weekly.. don’t worry though its not hard at all… and I am giving you the microwave fast version here 😉 You will need: 2 cups of water 1/4 cup of brown flaxseeds Microwave safe bowl strainer container ( I just use an empty container I got from the dollar store ) How to: Put your flaxseeds and water into your microwave safe bowl. Place the bowl into the Microwave for 5 minutes ( 100power) make sure that the lid is covered as it might overflow in your microwave. Strain the flaxseeds from the gel. ( don’t burn yourself 😮 pour the gel in the small…

Man Buns and Judging Books by Their Covers ft. Joey Mann

Originally posted on My Writing Journey:
I know I didn’t post on Wednesday like normal, but today is an extra special vlog for Fiction Friday. My friend Joey Mann graced us with his presence as he teaches us how to do a man bun and how to judge a book by its cover.

Rainy day hair mask

Originally posted on Emily Bloor:
Today was the most rainy, grey day… Not the kind of bank holiday you want to venture outdoors! We spent the most of the day indoors, snuggled up watching movies, and organizing the house after the holiday. I used the time indoors to do my favourite DIY beauty treat for post sun, sea or chlorine hair. The past week wasn’t so much sun and sand, but my hair certainly had its fair share of sun and chlorine from the spa pools in Baden-Baden, and really was in need of some hydration. I’ve posted about this mask before, but wanted to give you the how-to again and a few photos for you to see the results! It’s truly amazing, so give it a try! Here’s my how to guide! Step one – start with 2 tablespoons of full-fat mayonnaise Step two – add 2 tablespoons of olive oil Step three – add 2 egg yolks Step four – Mix it all together really well, until you have a smooth texture. And…

Feeling a Little Blue

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I re-dyed my hair last week and I am loving this new bright turquoise colour, I think cooler colours suit my skin tone more and I’m loving such a bright look at the moment. I did this blue look to compliment my new look. I recently got my hands on the Urban Decay Electric Palette and I’ve been having a lot of fun with those bright colours. It started with the eyebrows, I simply filled them in using the shade fringe from this palette and its an exact match for my hair colour, people kept asking me how I dyed my eyebrows. I was so pleased with how easy it was to match my hair colour and I love the look of coloured brows, its so fun and bold. I decided to do a bright blue look on the eyes to compliment the brows. I used Chaos and Gonzo to create a bright blue look with some black in the corner to smoke things up. I used the Urban Decay pencil…

#LetsGetFisico x Memory Lane

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#LetGetFisico is still traveling around Northern California! Today, I got a chance to shoot at my uncle’s apartment complex, where my family and I used to visit during holidays 12 years ago. I took pictures here because not only is it a nice environment but it also has a lot of memories and meaning to it. My brothers and I loved it here because to us it was HUGE. There was also a pool which was perfect to swim in almost every day of the year (gotta love California weather). This place was also special because it was a 7 hour drive from where we lived. Driving up was always an adventure and an escape from familiarity. Going back made me feel like a kid again; a long walk down memory lane. – My Details – Shirt – J.Crew Pants – Gap Watch – Da Vinci – Gents Timepieces Bracelet – Hitch (Ghost White) – ACoolMan Shoes – Sperry — Gents Timepieces Website – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter ACoolMan Website – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter — UP NEXT: PALO ALTO, CA – STANFORD. STAY…