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Day Thirty-Eight and Thirty-Nine: Magical Cappadocia

Originally posted on Chasing James:
The last few days have been crazy. Cappadocia is by far the most beautiful part of Turkey and it’s cooler! And dryer! Yay no more sweating and taking cold showers and just in general dying. A great upgrade from Olympos. Our journey from Olympos to Ürgüp, Cappadocia was epic. We spent a good 13 hours in the bus with a stop every two hours because of the bus driver and laws and stuff. The drive was beautiful from the start with the large Taurus Mountains with their marble peaks and cedar forests making for the most beautiful scenery of the trip so far. The last night in Olympos I started getting sick again and the bus trip was a nightmare. I was all drugged up and slept most of the way. Other than just driving and sleeping though we made two stops at tourist sites.? ?? Our first stop was in Konya, a large sprawling city, home to the Whirling Dervishes. It was very average. Probably mainly due to my…

Day Thirty-Six and Thirty-Seven: Hippie in Olympos

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My new tour, Cappadocia Adventure, has started and our main destination is Cappadocia and the famous Valley of the Fairy Ghimneys where we will hot air balloon. I’m super excited and luckily 11 people from the previous tour have stayed on for this one so I am not in a new group with too many new faces to learn. Our last night on the Aegean Adventure and the gullet boat was brought out docked in Fethiye. Unfortunately because we were docked we couldn’t swim because the water was much too dirty. We just died of heat and had to accept it. Yay us. Anyway we headed into town to the V-Go hostel where a party was organized because of most sailing tours ending the next day. The party was great but exhaustion took me back to the boat early (1:30am). ?? The next morning was horrendous and I once again woke up baking in the sun (not fun). We had to be off the boat by 9 so breakfast was…

Day Thirty: Troy Explored

Originally posted on Chasing James:
So second day of Busabout started nice and early. The included breakfast was good and true to South Aftican form I “stole” (took because it’s paid for) me some extra breakfast and made sandwiches for the long bus trip we were expecting. I am so glad I did. I Amy have looked strange but errbody was jealous. Haha. Anyway, we headed to see the ruins of Troia (Troy) where the whole story of the Trojan horse full of soldiers took place. The site is crazy old and the city is divided into 9 different layers of rebuild. They literally built their own hill. I still can’t fathom how people would just build more building on top of broken old building. Some walls shown were up to 5000 years old. Goodness gracious.? ? Troy walls ?? Old rocks at Troy ?? These guys had marble for days so everything was fancy ?? Replica trojan horse ?From Troy we headed on a long bus leg. A couple hours and a truck stop…