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E-Book Sales Decline Due To New Amazon Contracts

Originally posted on cup of tea with that book, please:
I thought this news report would mix well with this week’s Weekly Tea Discussion. As reported by the Wall Street Journal: When the world’s largest publishers struck e-book distribution deals with Inc. over the past several months, they seemed to get what they wanted: the right to set the prices of their titles and avoid the steep discounts the online retail giant often applies. But in the early going, that strategy doesn’t appear to be paying off. Three big publishers that signed new pacts with Amazon— Lagardere SCA’s Hachette Book Group, News Corp ’s HarperCollins Publishers and CBS Corp. ’s Simon & Schuster—reported declining e-book revenue in their latest reporting periods. “The new business model for e-books is having a significant impact on what [the big] publishers report,” said one publishing executive. “There’s no question that publishers’ net receipts have gone down.” A recent snapshot of e-book prices found that titles in the Kindle bookstore from the five biggest publishers cost, on average, $10.81,…

Swiss Army Knife aka A Millennial

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Welp, I’m surviving post grad life. Kind of. My summer has turned into six weeks at a publishing course, which has been lovely and exhausting. So I’m not sure I’d call this survival. More like diversion in a dorm room. My days here consist of lectures from all the big guns in book, magazine, and digital publishing. Funny thing is, every day I walk away from a talk and add one more thing to the list of expected qualities I’m rumored to have as a “millennial.” A term I’ve never heard more in my life than in these past four weeks of publishing lectures. Apparently people who were born in the late 80’s and 90’s are like the big stuffed animals at theme parks. Everyone’s aiming for them, but nobody knows how to get them. So far I’ve got: 1. Be fabulous and innovative on Instagram 2. Be flawless and savvy on Twitter 3. Be friendly and inventive on Facebook 4. Be charismatic and relatable on Vine 5. Be eclectic and motivated on Pintrest 6. Have one…