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Then v. Now: 5 Old “Websites” 90s Kids Will Remember

Bebo/Xanga Both were popular sites for young adults, girls especially, in the early/mid 2000s. They were the perfect places to keep a “private” or public online journal, currently known as blogging.

Making Friends in the Real World

California is the perfect place for my career to prosper. I moved out here one month after graduation and landed a pretty sweet job. It’s been such a wonderful experience. The weather is lovely. I live in an area that reminds me of my home state. My work environment is pretty ideal.

How I use the 5-Star rating system on Goodreads

Originally posted on The Fault in Our Blogs:
Most book reviewers believe in some way that rating all books on the same scale of 1 to 5 is messy. For example, what am I supposed to do when I just read a really good fantasy book that is nothing like any of the literary fiction picks that dominate my shelves? What do those five stars even MEAN? Why are there only five? Why is rating books even important? Over time I stopped putting 1 to 5 ratings on my blog reviews, because I think the definition of what those stars mean varies too much from person to person. What I use the star ratings for is very specific and probably doesn’t matter much to most of my readers. On goodreads, when you’re asked to give your review, you can mouse over the stars and see what each tier is supposed to mean: One star is “did not like it” Two stars is “it was ok” Three stars is “liked it” Four is “really liked it”…

My Top 5 Vegan iPhone APPS

Hi Everyone! My second post for Top 5 Monday!!!! I wanted to share the Vegan apps that I use most frequently, these Apps make my life easier when I am traveling or when I just don’t know what the hell I am doing… so here we go! HappyCow ($2.99) Every time someone says, lets go eat I whip this APP out…  It is a great vegan and vegan friendly restaurant guide, developed by It has an interactive map that uses your location and tells you where the local vegan places around you are! it even tells you if they are open or closed!!!  I love this App especially when I go to a new City! its awesome! 2. VeganXpress ($1.99) This is A great App for those times when you are desperate to find something to eat and all you have around you are Big Chain restaurants or fast food places…. or your friends really wanted to go to a restaurant and you have no choice… this App lets you know what Vegan options that restaurants offer…if…