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Hair Care Routine with Klorane Shampoos

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English | Українська Hi, guys! Today I’m sharing a little review on two shampoos by Klorane. These shampoos can make hair care routine more pleasant and effective. I washed my hair with them too and hadn’t find any disadvantages, except of one – they contain sulfates. The first one is anti-dandruff shampoo with myrtle extract. It has a strong a bit ‘’chemical’’ smell (I can’t describe it as herbal or natural) and light green color. It is perfect for oily hair, because it removes dandruff, calms sculp irritations and absorbs skin oil. After using shampoo with myrtle my husband liked the result. His hair becomes very shiny and light. This shampoo makes big foam and you don’t need wash your hair twice. My husband uses it once a week to refresh his hair, make it look healthier and to keep his oily hair under control. The second shampoo with oat milk by Klorane is made for whole family and for all hair types. This shampoo reminds me liquid body lotion…

HIIT Cardio Workout

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HIIT, aka high intensity interval training, is great for stubborn fat loss! You switch up between periods of high intensity which elevates your heart rate and rest. This style of workout is notorious for continually burning calories even AFTER your session is over. Tabatas are great examples of HIIT — a Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (totaling 4 minutes)   This is usually completed with a single exercise to cause muscle fatigue, but doesn’t have to be. Here is an example of my cardio day: Warm Up 30 minutes  stationary bike HIIT Tabata : jump squats (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : kettlebell swings (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : jump lunges (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : burpees  (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) Rest :60-:90 Tabata : skaters  (8 rounds :: 20sec work/10 sec rest) FYI- I use a…