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Not Your Mother’s Jello

Originally posted on eatingwellnyc:
Grass jelly is a common Asian dessert. To describe it, I would liken it to a jello that has a subtle herbal taste. This makes it a great addition to any number of other desserts since it won’t overpower them. You can usually find it paired with Asian drinks like milk tea, combined with fruits and such in other desserts, or you can have a bowl of it as is with a sugar syrup or a sprinkling of sugar. The latter is my favorite way of having it. I can’t help but feel content on a hot, summer day when there’s a nice, refreshing bowl of grass jelly waiting for me to dig in. You can get canned grass jelly but it’s pretty easy to just make a batch using powder. My mom uses Sushi Hei Liangfen fen (yea what a name…) All you have to do is mix two powder packets with a cup of room-temperature water while boiling 3 cups of water in a pot. When your powder mixture…