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Beyond A Physical Relationship

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Terms such as “hooking up” and “friends with benefits” are pretty common these days. The hookup culture we live in means less relationships because our time is focused elsewhere. Whether we are career driven, education focused, dream chasing, or just plain selfish. There is a time in our life where relationships just aren’t possible so we avoid the emotional and lean towards the physical. But that time in your life where a relationship isn’t possible doesn’t last forever. There eventually is a time where you are emotionally and physically available. Some start to look for relationships at that time and some choose to veer from them still. There is a time in our lives where we are all ready to settle down, but instead of doing so some choose to stay in the “hooking up” or “friends with benefits” stage. Honestly, the physical thing just gets tiring. As if dating wasn’t hard enough, now you’re not sure if someone just wants to have fun or wants something serious. It’s like you…

Things I Ask Myself While Online Dating

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Is it weird that they asked me out on a date before they even got my number? Why does it put me off so much when the first thing they ask is where I live? Is it rude to start ignoring them cause they’re boring? Is it rude to ignore them in the first place? Why do the words “want to chat?” creep me out so much? Is it weird that they ask for my number instantly? Why do you look cute in some of your pictures, but not others? WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE??? How do I keep this conversation going? What kind of drink would I order if we went to get drinks? Why would you message me if you live 5,000 miles away? Why can’t I find you on Google? Am I just bored or actually trying to date someone? Are my pictures cute? Am I cute? Why isn’t anyone messaging me back on Bumble??? What’s a good first message? Is this how boys feel on Tinder?…

Why We Settle And Why I Get It

Originally posted on Rosie Culture:
Relationships are a fragile thing. One string becomes frayed, it gets snagged, and the whole thing unravels into your hands. You never saw it coming. Basically since the start of this blog, I’ve expressed my fears on settling. Especially settling for someone you don’t really love. Settling for less than fireworks, all in romance, and perfection in a relationship. It’s easy to see how often relationships don’t work out. People get married at 24 and 50 years later they hate each other but still live under the same roof. They have kids and argue in front of them. They get a divorce and live bitterly. They miss out on a chance at happiness and a fulfilling life because they settled. They tried to make something work that just wasn’t going to work. We get to an age where we’re supposed to get married. It’s the time to settle down. You need someone to move in with, you need extra health benefits, you need the extra paycheck, your biological clock is…