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Travel Fail: My Honeymoon Hooker in Oz

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Sydney proved an amazing starting point for our 2015 honeymoon adventure (after a 4 day stop over in Dubai, of course). We were on the other side of the world and loving life. Four days in and we had ticked all the tourist boxes; beaches, Blue Mountains, kangaroos, koalas, Darling Harbour, Circular Quay, boat trips and of course, Sydney Opera House (see Travel Fail: Sydney Opera House – whoops! Yep, we kinda make a habit of this kinda thing over here). We were Sydney-satisfied and hungry to see more of Australia. It was our last night and we had decided to stay in, pack our bags, order a takeaway and sort ourselves out a hooker for the night. Hold on. Wait. What? Let’s backtrack… We were off to Cairns early the next morning and decided to spend the evening in our hotel room. Time was ticking away and it was fast approaching 10pm before we realised we hadn’t had a bite to eat all evening. We decided to hit up TripAdvisor…

When You Let Nothing Get to You, Then You’re Absolutely Free.

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If you’re reading this: “So far, you’ve survived 100% of your worst days. Congratulations. Keep going.” I saw the quote while scrolling through Instagram and found it motivational. I thought back to the times where I thought that I’ve failed at everything and that things were over. I still remember a time where I could not accept failure, criticism or personal responsibility. All the times I felt scared, so scared of what might happen that I couldn’t get myself to even take a step out of my room. Fast forward to today. I realized, I survived because I dared to. I dared to try. I made moves, no matter how bad it seemed. I made choices. I moved on. And now looking back, I couldn’t really imagine my life without those choices, even if they weren’t the best of choices – even though the narrative doesn’t make much sense to other people – it makes sense to me. And looking back, without courage, being daring, making…

Harder than Stone

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When you first dive into the world of dating after being in a relationship, all your insecurities are visibly intact. The way you eat, the funny way you say words, and your lack of confidence. I’m personally more concerned with if there’s food in my teeth, if he’s questioning my eyebrow game, or if I reek of alcohol and regret. People pick up on insecurities on the first date – especially if it’s someone you’re very interested in. The first guy I was genuinely interested in from the online dating world was Pandora’s Box. Yes, I just nicknamed him Pandora’s Box. To my friends, I actually call him Pandora (insert guys name here) but like I said, for sake of humiliation, I’ll use the nickname my co-worker gave him. I was pulling an all-nighter for school when I got a message from him asking if I liked watching hockey and he commented on my music taste, which is excellent, if I must say. I liked…