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Hope. Its What We Have To Have

Originally posted on You Should See My Scars:
? ? So in the wake of Orlando I think its time to talk about hope.  As a gay guy from America I have to say this weekend killed me a little inside.    Not only was there a horrific attack against the LGBT community but now everyone and their fucking mother are trying to pretend like this had nothing to do with the gay community. Dear straight religious people, at some point you’ll have to accept this was a product of the culture you’ve created and enforced.    Do you know what its called when there is a hate crime…. hate crime? hahaha…. this was actually a fucking massacre…. but anyways: Do you know what its called when a hate crime is committed and everyone turns a blind eye?  Thats called OPPRESSION you cunts. Was this man crazy?  Yes.   And did he have access to guns because America is an insane shithole with flimsy laws?  Yes. But would this attack have happened if this man…

6 Canonically Bisexual Characters Currently Gracing Your Television Screen

Originally posted on The Collective:
It’s Pride month, and for me, that usually means I celebrate my identity with lots of rainbow, glitter, and mooning over Lena Headey in Imagine Me & You. Okay, maybe not the glitter, because it’s messy, but definitely rainbows and Lena Headey. In fact, it was movies like that one and Kissing Jessica Stein that helped me figure some things out. Of course, it took me a lot longer than that to figure out I was the B in LGBT. I will not speak for anyone else, but this is why representation is important to me: being able to see someone like me onscreen really pushed me toward learning about and accepting my sexuality. So in support of pride, representation, and just some delish eye candy, here are a few characters known to enjoy the company of both men and women. Eretria, The Shannara Chronicles Shannara on MTV Eretria (Ivana Baquero) is a charming, rogue that seems to be destined to end up in the pages of a romance novel–either as feisty woman…

I hate the night

Originally posted on The CYCLE:
I hate the nights The insomnia The sleepless night I hate the night The lifelessness The inability to control To feel Complete shut down I hate the night I can’t get to her tonight So I hate the night I hate my night Nightshift Nightfall Darkness I hate my night So why tonight Like yester night Same shit befalls Nightmare crawls I hate you night Creepy as fuck Oh great thou night Maybe tomorrow night Maybe never night We are bound to meet So later Night……… I’m Cycle ♥

Wake up, and Smell the Coffee

Originally posted on Storytime with John:
When I was in the USA, I lived in the midtown area of Atlanta…which was lovely! I was told this was the “gay area” by someone in hushed tones, but honestly I didn’t see the problem – all I saw were friendly strangers who liked to give compliments, and some great brunch establishments! How could anyone hate that?! Certainly always put a smile on my face! But anyway, this was a little far to travel for some friends who lived outside of the city, so I would hop on the MARTA train and meet them half-way at Bankhead Station…then we’d drive out to some random diner, restaurant, or coffee shop for a catch up on the latest shenanigans… One of these times stands out, and has been turning over, and over, and over in my head recently – I’m sure it won’t take a genius to work out why… On this occasion, four of us pulled into a quiet roadside place, and piled into one of the cushioned booths to get warm. A chirpy waiter…

I Feel Sorry for My Parents

Originally posted on The CYCLE:
Let me start by saying I feel sorry for my parents! As wierd as it sounds, I do! I follow with this, to be gay in Kenya as in the world you are faced with that tough decision….. “TO COME OUT OR NOT TO!” It’s almost impossible to know how the parents and siblings will react and the extended family at large. So do you risk it and come out, or wait till you are ‘tossed’ out like most People. Now, I feel sorry for my parents because I am made to believe their dreams for me include, getting good education, getting a good job, getting a good man, getting married and getting kids. Unfortunately or fortunately I’m a lesbian, so no men and children are an option. In Kenya, one of the perks of getting married is the part of dowry giving. The man’s family appreciates the woman’s family by giving dowry. As a lesbian, my existence is already illegal, so getting formalized, as in getting married is out…

My Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner 

Originally posted on modernteenfashion:
Honestly my thoughts about the whole Caitlyn Jenner situation is that people are making a bigger deal out of it than necessary. It was her decision to change genders because she knew that it’s what would make her happy and feel confident, so people shouldn’t judge that decision. I personally think that people should just leave her alone to live her life as a beautiful, strong woman and stop making it such a huge deal. It was just a choice she made in her life so that she could be who she wanted to be and I think that we should just respect it without overthinking it too much. I mean, so what if she changed genders and became a woman? Has it really hurt our society? No, not at all. If anything, it should be a symbol of acceptance so that we can all accept people for who they are, even if they do things that are a little out of the ordinary. I love being a girl, it’s who…