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The Groans of a Pregnant Working Mum

Originally posted on MiddleMe:
As I was working on the research of my article “Working and Pregnant at the Same Time”, I interviewed a number of pregnant working women all over the world. I found out that my first article did not bring out their workplace groans as I would love to do hence this article is a representation of their voices. Enjoy! “My boss is extremely supportive and in fact, she and I got pregnant at the same time! But when she cut short her maternity leave to come back to work, she had expressed explicitly that she hoped that I do the same. I didn’t but I felt so guilty when I went back to work.” Alice, 28, Fashion Buyer “I had the most evil boss ever. He made sure I do overtime even he knows I am in my third trimester and I am due in a month. He made me feel guilty for being pregnant. Fortunately for me, when I came back from my maternity leave, he was transferred to another…

The Realities of Staying Home: My First Day as a Stay-At-Home Mom

Originally posted on The Farm on the Hill:
Wreath courtesy of Well, here it is.  My first day as a stay-at-home mom.  I’m sure you all are now flipping back in your mind to all of my previous posts about staying home already, so let me explain.  I started maternity leave in February with J and had planned on staying home the rest of the school year with him.  I turned in my resignation in May.  Then came what would have been summer vacation anyway.  But today all of my colleagues head back to school for the first teacher day and I don’t.  I got my last paycheck on Friday and today I am officially at home as a stay-at-home mom.   I’m not going to lie, I have a mixture of emotions going on right now.  Part of me is sad.  I’ve been seeing all of the posts about teachers and going back to school, and I still completely relate.  I still feel like a teacher at heart.  Teaching is a calling not…