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How to Interact With the Barista Boy in 3 Ways

Originally posted on How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways:
So there are a couple of Starbucks I go to on occasion. My goal in life is to really have a place where I walk in and they already know my name and my drink. I know, I really dream big on that one. Anyway, I don’t visit Starbucks nearly enough for anyone to know who I am or even care for that matter. Yet. Anyway, back to the point of this post. Since I’m awkward, I can never tell if boys are flirting or just being weird…but I have had some pretty interesting comments from different barista boys at all of the local Starbucks. ? 1. I go inside, order my drink, pick it up from the counter, get in my car, drive 30 minutes to work, get to my desk, take a sip, set the cup down, and that’s when I see it. The barista boy had asked my name to write it on the cup, and he had written it – even…

Coffee; my ride or die.

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Today I was informed that my relationship with my barista is a lot more serious than most relationships you see all over Facebook. Im not sure whether I should be happy I get the best of both worlds; a single girl with serious commitment to a man who listens to me. Or depressed that my ride or die relationship is with the guy who makes my coffee and talks me out of ‘just one more croissant’ every day.