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Originally posted on Just my humble life:
Yesterday I had to work, which was fine, but just before I was about to start my supervisor asked me if I could work extra next Thursday. I thought that was alright and fine, but I asked my parents about two hours later and apparently we’ve got this family dinner thing at my grandparents’. I was feeling so guilty, because I had already told my supervisor I could work, but then I had to tell her I couldn’t. So at the end of my break I tried to find her to tell her, but I couldn’t. Then I had to decided to wait until after work or to call her on a work phone. I don’t like calling people, it just makes me really uncomfortable. However, I also couldn’t wait until after work, because she might want to ask someone else to work. After a couple of minutes of feeling my heart beating in my chest I just picked up the phone and called her. I was so…