Month: June 2015

Fandom Funnies: Mean Girls

That time Gretchen didn’t get any wiener. That time everyone was victimized. EVERYONE. That time Damian wasn’t needed. That time Glen Coco made it into a song. This all male remake of jingle bell rock. Because you can’t top the original. Haven’t had enough? Check out this list of 22 Things You Probably Never Knew About “Mean Girls,” or these 17 Subtle Mistakes You Probably Never Noticed In “Mean Girls,” or just some straight up bloopers! We did all three! October 3rd here we come. G.U.M Team

Food Recovery Network

Food Recovery Network began with a group of students at the University of Maryland – College Park. They noticed that dining halls were throwing away large amounts of leftovers. As you may have guessed, they began donate food to various shelters. Four years later, in 2015, they’ve expanded to 140 colleges across the country. You can find out more about their work below. Like what you saw? Find out more here. G.U.M Team

G.U.M. Shop: Open for Business on Etsy

The shop is up and officially open for business on Etsy. We’re selling all sorts of items, mason jars, candles, 90s themed items, and mugs and they’re all customizable. Check back all week for new products and giveaways! Have a shop too? Feel free to share your shop info below or send it to I’ll share it on all of our social media. G.U.M Team

Music: Rising Hype Site

I have nothing at all against mainstream music. However, it doesn’t always my quench my thirst and desire to explore a variety of styles, sounds, and genres. With that being said, I like to explore new/rising artists as well. I haven’t been able to find too many websites that do this well. One that I stumbled upon the other day is Rising Hype. Rising Hype allows artists to upload their videos and songs in order to increase exposure to current and potential fans. It enables members to combine their materials across various social media platforms in one place. The catch? It focuses on hip hop. I listen to a bit of hip hop, but the site would definitely be stronger if it featured a variety of genres. It’s not exactly what I was looking for, but it’s not a bad place to start. Know of similar sites? Share your thoughts or suggestions below or send them to G.U.M Team

Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye: The Origin Story

Sarah Kay is one of my favorite spoken word artists. The first video I saw of her was of her performance of If I Should Have a Daughter for TED.  She’s also done spoken word with an artist named Phil Kaye. They have a pretty cool origin story and a great friendship that they explained through spoken word. Give it a listen. If you like what you heard, check out more from Sarah, Phil, and other artists on the  Project VOICE Website.    Want to be featured? Send submissions to G.U.M Team

Boxed Wholesale

Boxed Wholesale is pretty straightforward. It’s warehouse prices (i.e. Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s) without the membership fee. You can order on the go through their app. Also, the items are shipped to you. They have health & beauty, pet, household, and more. They even sell organic items. The company is still growing and has received mixed reviews. I plan to give it a try. You can find out more here. If you’ve used their service below tell us about your experience in the comments section or send a message to G.U.M Team

Worst Date I’ve Ever Had

Every Tuesday I randomly select a topic to post about. As you can see from the title, this week it’s about the worst date I’ve ever had. I will go ahead and say for it to be the worst date, it wasn’t that bad. I haven’t had many dates, based on what I consider a date. I don’t count “chillin” as a date. I’m referring to actual invitations to attend an event, go somewhere, or do something with someone with whom you share a mutual romantic interest; or a mutual friend in my case. Out of kindness to the involved male, I’ll call him Simon. I met Simon my freshman year of college. Initially I thought he was intelligent and well dressed, two things that I look for in a counterpart. Not to mention, I found him somewhat attractive. This opinion quickly changed when he opened his mouth. I couldn’t stand his misogynistic views and how pleased he was with his own opinion. Not to mention, he was rude and socially inept. I came to learn that he …