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I am an Anime Anarchist

Originally posted on A Pinoy Millennial:
No, it does not mean I’m a guy who uses anime to push a particular brand of politics/philosophy. By this, I’m simply a guy who sticks to what he likes and people who want to be mean to me about it can just eat their hats. Sure, that’s closer to a hedonist than what your average philosopher would call an anarchist. But apparently, it’s anarchy enough when you don’t care about the sacred rules held by so-called standard bearers of otaku taste. Besides, I don’t simply just hold to what I like. I tend to go out of my way to set the snobby hipsters straight. Sure, there might be some things that are just crass. But if all you do is take every opportunity to whine about this or that anime being so bad, so stupid, or so mainstream, I really have just one thing to say: Feel free to jump off. Sometimes when there’s talk of anime in my FB circle, I feel like I’m the only…