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Border Crossing #3 Namibia to Zambia, Wenela:Sesheke

Originally posted on Head over Heels 2014:
Woohoo! We are heading into a new country. We stop for lunch in busy Katimo Mulilo before heading to the small border post Wenela. I have read that border crossings require cunning, preparation, bribery and patience. For our preparation we have eaten all the fresh fruit, vegetables, and bread as apparently taking these items across borders is illegal and can result in trouble with the officials which may mean unpacking your whole car – something to be avoided. In the early afternoon, we head towards the border. I have not prepared much for Zambia as the plan, until the day before yesterday, was to go through Botswana. But we are sure we can wing it. Leaving Namibia is easy. Then it’s a short drive to enter Zambia. This is my first ever land crossing and there’s a long patch of no mans land in the middle. Who owns that bit? We need $220 for all our visas and the car to enter Zambia. I have British pounds as back up…

Make Sure Your Actions Support Your Dreams

Originally posted on F R E E D O M:
Getting up at 5 am isn’t a case of like or dislike. I’ve had to, in the past, get up at 5 am or earlier, for a handful of reasons. Though I notice a trend in getting up at that time or earlier – to be awake and productive at that hour, you need to be properly motivated. How well I succeed in jumping out of bed depends on what my day looked like, i.e: how enthused I was about everything on my plate. If that day was filled with tasks I dreaded, I would slowly crawl out of bed, as if already exhausted by a day’s worth of burden that had yet to begin. If that day was filled with tasks I loved, or tasks that would lead to something I love at the end, then no doubt, I’d be ready in less than five minutes and sing while making coffee. Yes, there’s a stark difference already. And that difference will carry you out…