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Malina Suliman | Artist

Malina Suliman derives from a traditional and conservative town, Kandahar, in Afghanistan. After receiving threats regarding her rebellious street art she relocated to the Netherlands. Her work examines the burqa’s place in Afghan culture and other struggles of her generation in Afghanistan. Suliman is also the founder of the Kandahar Fine Arts Association (KFAA).

When Women Become Adults

Originally posted on Sex and Living with Your Parents:
I’ll start by saying that the inspiration for writing this came to me when I read this article by The Atlantic, “When are you really an adult?” It’s on my mind a lot. After all, I live with my parents. Unfortunately, I think our culture gets it straight up wrong when it comes to women becoming adults. A gown up woman is what I need to be, or so I’ve heard. If I’m not actively dating anyone, it means I’ve eschewed marriage all together. I’m asexual. I would not be discussing this topic if people were not so damn presumptuous with me on the topic of getting married or having children. Maybe some sense in me a sign of struggle when they look at my tired eyes. The truth is, I am struggling. The difference between their perceptions and my own is that any time I’m “struggling,” it’s because I’m single. It’s like Sesame Street. S for struggle. S for single. They must go together, Eureka!…

Selective Outrage Won’t Get Us Free

Originally posted on Black Millennials:
Jamar Clark was killed execution-style while handcuffed in Minneapolis. Black activists most notably affiliated with the local Black Lives Matter chapter and the local NAACP shut down highways and occupied the 4th police precinct. National media is starting to pick up on the local unrest, especially after white supremacist terrorists shot five Black Lives Matter protestors. In Chicago, video released shows LaQuan McDonald being shot some sixteen times by a white police officer. His murderer has been charged, and thousands are mobilizing. Traditional media is focusing on the clashes between protesters and police, while social media is aflame. The gruesome video (which I admittedly haven’t watched) lives on the pages of many. Heated debate about the discomfiting consumption of Black death and pain is — once again — underway. Not one to homogenize Black murder and resulting unrest, I can’t help but draw striking parallels to Ferguson and Baltimore. From the expansive number of mass mobilizations and frontline energies, to the tweets of solidarity, frenetic live-streaming, and the viciously heavy-handed responses…

What is 20 Something?

Originally posted on whatis20something:
I’ve been sitting in my room on Pinterst for the past two hours.  Perusing the common tags; ‘Women’s Fashion’, ‘Food’, and ‘DIY’.  But my most recent search is what sparked this blog, “Single Girl”.  Why do these two words mean so much to so many people?  Why do these words have such a negative connotation?  Why is being a “Single Girl” such an issue? The search produced an array of results.  There was The Single Girl 30 Day Challenge, which entails putting yourself out there more and allowing your friends to set you up on blind dates.  (Is that still a thing?)  Then you may scroll and find The Single Girl’s Summer Bucket List, which has an icon photo of a guy and a girl pushing another girl, who looks like a third wheel, on a tire into a lake.  (SO FUN).  And, eventually you will come across what I was looking for The Single Girl’s Guide to Grocery Shopping.  My issue with the search overall and even my eventual discovery of what…