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Feeling the heat: Pressure to succeed for millennials

Originally posted on Josephrivers:
The other day I came across a article titled ‘What I gave up when I gave up the 9 – 5’, you can find it here. It was all about leaving your office job, travelling the world, creating a start-up, not relying on a monthly wage but earning money how you want and when you want…. it all seemed so easy. You might be studying at university, you may have recently graduated, you may be desperately job-hunting or you may even have got the job you worked your socks off for. But one way or another we all long for that freedom. We wish we could drop everything and remove the shackles of our conventional working life, a life that if you’d probably leave if given a better alternative. These types of articles and stories are everywhere but we can’t help but read them. We can’t resist making ourselves suffer by looking at other people’s lives. Why do we feel like that? It’s so hard to escape. We feel the pressure…