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When To Go Hard and When Not to at the Gym

Originally posted on Cody's Barbell Club:
I get it. You want fast results and the only way to do that is to train hard and workout hard. And you know what? I agree 100%. There’s no doubt hard work needs to happen to build muscle, get lean, become more athletic, and get in the shape you want. But, you know what’s also true? Training smart. Meaning: adapting your workout to the way your body feels based on sleep, stress, energy levels, injury status (if any), and life in general. Let’s be realistic guys. Not every workout you have will be your absolute best or your hardest. Why? Because getting into better shape isn’t linear and your workouts aren’t either. It may seem that way in the beginning, but eventually your results will start to level off like an exponential curve and you’ll have to get smart and creative by testing your body in new ways, like lifting heavier weights or adding new variations and exercises, and making recovery a point of emphasis, to get into better shape and health. Not only that,…

My Workout Routine Part I: Before The Workout

Originally posted on Cody's Barbell Club:
Routines are important. Whether it’s the way you start your day or end it, your workout and training routine is no exception. If you really want to get the results you want, keep it, progress, and get it faster then it’s important that you have some core routines you follow, regardless of what’s going on. In this post, I’ll break down what core things I do before my workouts that help me achieve the fitness level I’m looking to attain. You’ll find out what I do during and after in parts II and III. So, if you’re ready for Part I, let’s go! Before the Workout I need: Good sleep Solid nutrition A performance aid (supplements) Stretching A good warm-up Sleep What may be arguably the most vital ingredient for any workout’s success happens long before you workout. What is it? Sleep! Specifically, how much and the quality. There’s a HUGE difference if you sleep like a baby or you were you tossing and turning all night because you were stressed. I guarantee you…

Creeping At The Gym

Originally posted on A Couple Talks:
Is it ever appropriate to holler at a chick at the gym? If there is a right time to do so, then I don’t know of such things. It’s one of those places where we are the least presentable. The sweat, the groans, the lack of breath – these are not ideal conditions at all. I remember many years ago spotting a very cute girl working out by herself. It was a Saturday afternoon, the gym was less busy, and she was on the treadmill. I was on a treadmill myself, a few to her left. I tried my best to be discrete, giving her a few casual glances here and there. Look, let’s face it, girls get checked out all-of-the-fucking-time, so why would the gym be any different? I believe I did a good job of concealing my glances – I’m Asian after all, which means my chinky eyes are harder to spot (a win for the yellow man for once). I was single at the time, so of…