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Accessory Obsession

Originally posted on Chique Duluxe:
Hi loves,  So, I haven’t kept up with the blog as much as I’d like to, as most of you know the boif came home from his trip in Africa to come home and celebrate my birthday (which was ever so sweet of him) so I’ve basically been living under a rock since he got home! So much has been happening! I was recently signed to an agency (FINALLY) so my schedule has been jam packed! I feel like I have so much stuff to blog about I don’t even know where to start! I’ve been wanting to do an accessories blog for quite some time, and wanted to share my favorite outfit without further adieu! BAG  I’ve been semi obsessed with collecting purses, especially little cross body bags like the one featured. This was an UNBELIEVABLE find! I found it online on a website called and the price? only $20. I mean really, this is a freaking steal! This makes for a perfect night-out-bag, because the size is just…

Cath Kidston Lovely Things

Originally posted on Chronic Pain Cockney – The Little Things:
A lot of things in my life have changed beyond recognition in recent years as the pain has progressed from chronic to daily (again). There are a few things that remain constant however; one of them is my love for Cath Kidston ?bags, purses & accessories. My birthday is in late August, so it’s a fairly safe bet that at this time every year, a few new CK bits and pieces will be added to my collection 😊. Here are my 3 latest additions: ?? iPhone 6 case with card slots ?- £20 Little Leaves Zip Purse?- £6 Painted Rose Frame Washbag?- £20 I love these three! Let’s look at each one in turn… ??? ??? I have been waiting for AGES for CK to release an iPhone 6 case that wasn’t just a hard shell that only protects back of phone. I know some of the hard backing cases sport very pretty designs but I don’t see the point of them; surely the screen…