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Does Living with the Olds = The Death of Romantic Relations?

Originally posted on Rinse Before Use:
By now, we have come to terms with the fact that the old-school Alpha male is no more and that the dating world is full of mummy’s boys. Look, it’s one thing for a man to have a healthy relationship with his mother but how about when he is still living under mummy’s roof at in his 30s? The sad truth is it’s not just the guys. These days a growing number of people (us chicks included) in their late 20s/30s/40s/50s that still live with the Olds. In today’s post I’d like to establish the impact of this trend of living in close quarters with Mummy and Daddy has on our romantic development (or lack thereof). Let’s start by drawing on some real life inspiration. Recently I went on a date with someone who forewarned me that the night could not go on beyond 8pm as he had to be home for dinner because Mummy was preparing his favourite! (How sweet – NOT!) Naturally, I only went along with the date…

What Can I Fit into 600 Square Feet?

Originally posted on The Real Life:
APARTMENT DREAMING You guys. I have an adorable apartment smack-dab in the heart of Denver’s West Washington Park! The catch? I don’t move in for another 3 months. So in the meantime, brace yourselves for all the home design posts, as I brainstorm on how to decorate the place… Here is the apartment, as seen on Craigslist. (Don’t worry, I’ve scouted it out in person and know all the nooks and crannies, too.) 600 SQUARE FEET IS NOT A LOT …but it’s a good size for the desirable area I’ll be in, and it’s perfect for what I need. As for what I want? Well, because I’m a firm believer in Dreaming Big, here are all the spaces I hope to somehow incorporate into the space, inspired mainly by Pinterest and Apartment Therapy! Photo cred: Lindsay Hill Interiors A MAKESHIFT MUD ROOM There are two small alcoves by the front door, and I’d love to create a small entryway for boots, keys, and purse storage. With a little bench, perhaps a shelf, and…

Simple in the City: Where to Live

Originally posted on Minimal Millennial:
Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: cities aren’t all just cement and buildings, and rural areas aren’t all just cornfields or desert. There’s so much variation throughout every landscape that you can make just about anything out of just about anywhere. So once you decide where to live (there aso many great cities to choose from), you have to decide exactly where to live within that space. And if you’re looking to keep things simple, the cheapest area is not always the most ideal. So what should you look for in a city dwelling? Location This is honestly my top priority, especially in a city like Los Angeles. I know so many people with 45+ minute commutes each way – and it’s not a peaceful one, either. It may take some fancy financial footwork, but living as close as you can to your work and everyday needs will save you more than it costs in the long run. We managed to find an apartment that is surrounded by grocery stores, cafes…