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What Millennials Want in the Workplace

By the time most millennials reach 25, they have been working for nearly a decade. And we’ve also been hearing how lazy and ungrateful we are for nearly a decade. Both of these things are getting old. The problem is most workplaces haven’t adapted to the new needs of millennials. We know millennials are hardworking and motivated, but you have to put us in the right situation. Here are the things I believe most millennials want in the workplace. Flexibility The idea that a job has to be 8 to 5, Monday through Friday, with two weeks of vacation is antiquated. Millennials see too many successful people making their own schedule to buy into this notion. However, we aren’t all entrepreneurial enough to start a business. Flexible work schedules would go a long way in making millennials more successful. If your hardworking employee would rather work from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., does that really affect you negatively? They are still getting the work done. If your employee would rather work four ten-hour shifts to …

Smile Like Baymax

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The first quarter of 2016 has made me a busy bee by juggling between full-time job and FnJ business – plus Jansellbiskwit blog of course. But instead of getting burned out, I find time to breathe some air, drink lots of water (Haha!) and get a good amount of sleep. Positive outlook also works. I consider each task/activity not as bunch of headaches but an opportunity to learn, connect and grow. When we choose to be happy, everything turns out smooth and easy. So stop frowning, smile like Baymax! On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your happiness? Bags Life (via Zalora) cap, Revlon lipstick *Hype this look and follow me on Lookbook.

Instagram for Creatives

Hello readers! ? If you’re a creative person, or maybe you really love sharing beautiful things, and you want to grow your Instagram game, I’m excited to tell you that there are a few spots still available in tomorrow’s class! ?  Instagram for Creatives, Live online, Tuesday at 8:30pm ? We’re going to talk all about Growing your network connecting with your true collectors/clients Developing your aesthetic Telling your story Defining what to share & how to share it in order to grow to your business Running a successful giveaway/events on instagram Selling your work/services on Instagram & because of Instagram Creating genuine followers, not empty numbers Last year I taught this class to over 300 creative entrepreneurs.  I have gotten nothing but tremendous feedback from many of the students and have watched them grow in amazing ways!  This is not a numbers driven marketing scheme.  It is a way of thinking about your work, your content, and your audience in a passionate and unique way. ? ? If you would like to join the live class,…


?? ?I exited my apartment building, curt note in hand for the UPS delivery person: The buzzer for 2R is broken – please leave delivery inside the door. Contrary to what somebody told you yesterday, there are tenants in 2R – one especially who would have loved to have slept on a mattress last night. I crammed the note between the old brick wall and the broken buzzer and made my way down the now-familiar street to get coffee at a café that I had been referred to by seasoned locals. They’d been here since August, anyway. The rectangular olive-green sign beckoned me onward, steel and hard with flashing bulbs that made it look like an old and woefully lost Vegas sign. I ordered an almond croissant and a cappuccino and took a seat at a small, round marble table. I found myself flanked by hipsters, the luminescent glow of chalky white Apples and the click-click-click of their modern keyboards surrounding me. Extremely conscious of being the only person in the large café without a…

Blurred Vision

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Spearmint gum masks Vodka-stained breath at 3 a.m. Red and blue light encircle: fragmented memories, blurred vision, a poison-ridden mindset, and desire to outdrive the past. Pain is temporary, so is the night. Wheels spin forward; car lights flicker behind, mistakes last forever   ?

Gift Guide for Art Lovers

Gift buying should be easy, but sometimes it can be tricky to find the right thing, especially for artists and art lovers.  We’re kind of known to be picky. I hope this helps! Canvases (gallery wrapped are the best, start with sizes 12×12 – 18×24)  Inspire them to create! Oil Paint (Williamsburg oils, Old Holland, and Gamblin are my favorite).  Even if you just buy 1-2 tubes, color inspires amazing things in creative minds. Print Sets!  I am offering 4 different collections of curated artwork; boxed, wrapped, lovely, and ready for the Christmas tree! Paint brushes.  A good paint brush is like a magic wand in the right hands!  Rosemary and Winsor & Newton are two of my favorites. Brushstroke Ornaments.  Special handpainted ceramic globe (fit for the tree and for the home all year long!) iPhone Case.  Artist-y-ness for your phone! Handpainted Handbag.  Fashion statement perfect for the art lover in your life!  Completely original and unique. Art classes at a local arts center or studio. and… if all else fails, a gift card…

8 reasons for staying in a job you hate

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It’s counterintuitive to think there’s any positive takeaway points from staying at an unfulfilling post. But, what do you do if you find yourself in such situation? Are you going to be focusing on the negatives and feeling miserable as each work day goes by? Of course not. Here are some tips on what you could do if you find yourself in such predicament. you get creative – you might not be passionate about your work anymore, but you’ll be passionate about your exit strategy! If there’s any motivator out there that gets people serious about turning their life around, it is knowing there’s a serious problem and they need to fix it ASAP. You’ll start thinking about your own exit strategy and best of all you’ll probably start coming up with all sorts of ideas until you find the one that works so you can quit with curtain dropping finality. Go all in exploring the alternatives! learn a lesson – everything in life is…