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When To Go Hard and When Not to at the Gym

Originally posted on Cody's Barbell Club:
I get it. You want fast results and the only way to do that is to train hard and workout hard. And you know what? I agree 100%. There’s no doubt hard work needs to happen to build muscle, get lean, become more athletic, and get in the shape you want. But, you know what’s also true? Training smart. Meaning: adapting your workout to the way your body feels based on sleep, stress, energy levels, injury status (if any), and life in general. Let’s be realistic guys. Not every workout you have will be your absolute best or your hardest. Why? Because getting into better shape isn’t linear and your workouts aren’t either. It may seem that way in the beginning, but eventually your results will start to level off like an exponential curve and you’ll have to get smart and creative by testing your body in new ways, like lifting heavier weights or adding new variations and exercises, and making recovery a point of emphasis, to get into better shape and health. Not only that,…

Total Body

Originally posted on Best In Class:
Class: Total Body Studio: Brooklyn Bodyburn Location: 34 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249 Workout Category: strength training, pilates, sweat-tastic, no shoes allowed What ClassPass Says: “Expect 58 minutes of total-body, cardio-infused strength training on our state-of-the-art MegaFormer. This class is perfect for all fitness levels as you will receive modifications and adjustments based on your physical fitness needs. We’ll get your heart pumping while gliding through exercises designed specifically to sculpt and tone your muscles, shred excess fat, strengthen your core, burn calories, improve your balance and challenge your mind and body.” My Instructor: Devon Kincaid Class Number: 111 Welp, my ass has never been so sore. For days after my Friday class, the tender reminder of Brooklyn Bodyburn stayed with me every time I tried to cross my legs, sit down, or generally attempt to move below my waist. If Kim Kardashian doesn’t already do this workout, she really needs to. Only being my second class in this quiet, little known borough, I was looking to shake…