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Mans Best Friend | Girls Best Friend

Originally posted on From One Millennial:
When I was about 8 years young we got a mutt puppy named Abby, she was probably about 3 months old when we finally were able to bring her home. She was an outside dog from the very beginning. I still remember the very first night we brought her home and got her in her kennel, she was so sad and howled most of the night. I sat outside with her for hours before I finally had to go to bed, trying to console her and tell her everything would be ok; trying to tell her how much she would love it here. She was 13 when she passed and I was devastated. She gave me so much love and companionship growing up, without expecting anything in return. Animals have been a big part of my life growing up and I do believe that is because I am an only child. Dogs have given me company when there was no company around. I now have 2 inside dogs named…