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Gunther Better Work There!: Central Perk Cafe Coming to Toronto

Originally posted on The Nostalgia Blog:
Toronto will apparently become the latest city (joining NYC, Sydney, Beijing and Liverpool) to have their very own Central Perk Cafe. The cafe opens in June and will supposedly give out prizes to customers who come in dressed as FRIENDS characters…so I guess people with gel in their hair and wearing t-shirts tucked into khaki pants. The attention to detail will supposedly be uncanny so this should be a big draw for die-hard FRIENDS fans. I just finally hope it answers the question of how 6 more or less fully employed people can spend 60% of their lives in a cafe and still afford to live in New York…Also I hope the barista has bleach blonde hair.

Jane and the Waterloo Map by Stephanie Barron Blog Tour + GIVEAWAY

Originally posted on Reflections of a Book Addict:
When I was first asked to join the blog tour for Jane and the Waterloo Map by Stephanie Barron, I was super excited. It’s been a while since I’ve read the other books in the Jane Austen Mysteries series, but I remember loving the idea of Jane Austen as a sleuth. It’s obvious that Jane was observant in real life, as her observations and commentary on the societal events of the day were both astute and very progressive. Therefore it’s not exactly a stretch to think that she would be observant enough to solve mysteries. From the great success that Barron has had so far, it’s clear that many other people agree with me and have loved to see Jane in this new and exciting role. This time we follow Jane as she embarks on an exciting treasure hunt that has very dangerous and real implications. (Below the book blurb and author bio are giveaway instructions so you can win your own copy!) Book Blurb: November, 1815. The…

The official launch of @DoitfortheProcess!

On the heel of yesterday’s blog post, I am so excited to share this exciting news with you today! I am thrilled announce the launch of the new Do It For The Process Instagram account!  HOORAY!!!!! The #DoItForTheProcess hashtag has taken on a life of it’s own and has become a great place for artists and makers to showcase their work, and now, we’re taking it to a whole new level! ? In this new Instagram account, I’ll be featuring many of the artist I admire each, talking about their process, their inspiration, sharing stunning photos of their work, and generally bragging on them.    It’s going to be amazing!   This is day 4 of this account’s life, so we are going to be growing and nurturing it together and I would LOVE your support!  Please feel free to share this good news in whatever way you wish.  TY! ? When I began this blog YEARS and years ago, my goal was to share the work of people that I admire.  I LOVE supporting…

Film Review – The Martian (2015)

Originally posted on Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys):
Title: The Martian (2015) Director: Ridley Scott (Black Hawk Down) Cast: Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Jeff Daniels, Michael Pena, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Mara, Donald Glover, Sean Bean Plot: After a mission on Mars goes awry, botanist and astronaut Mark Watney (Damon) must find a way to survive on the seemingly uninhabitable red planet. “Hi, I’m Mark Watney and I’m still alive… obviously” Review by Eddie on 02/10/2015 Well this is refreshing. After years of average (Exodus, Prometheus) to downright terrible (Counselor) films, long serving and renowned director Ridley Scott has with this feel-good blockbuster of the year created his most proficient and memorable movie experience since he thrilled the world in the early 2000s with his Russell Crowe star-making vehicle Gladiator. Yes sir ladies and gentleman, The Martian shows us all that the grey haired director has a few tricks up his sleeve yet. The Martian is in many ways Scott’s most readily accesible film. It’s a long film (perhaps slightly too much so) and many…

Throne of Glass is being optioned for TV!

Originally posted on Cat's Shelf:
Hello guys! Let me warn you that this may not be the kind of post you’re expecting so, put your rant goggles on and join me on this! Yesterday, the author of the Throne of Glass series, Sarah J. Maas, shared on Twitter that her books are being optioned for TV. For those who may not be familiar with the term, it means that the series had their copyrights bought and is being studied, by a studio and a production company, to comprehend if it is adaptable or not. So, that means that ToG’s copyrights for TV no longer are possessed by the author and it’s not certain if it’s going to be really on tv but they’re thinking about it. Ok, now let’s concentrate on that last part. Its not certain! Besides this piece of information, the whole fandom has gone berserk. Between discussions on whether it should be a tv show or a movie, casting options and even how it’s going to suck (thought they’ve seen nothing to justify that),…

Upcoming Film – Everest (2015)

Originally posted on Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys):
Jake Gyllenhaal is just one of many Hollywood stars bracing the cold in Everest By Jordan and Eddie on 15/09/2015 It feels like sometime since we were last treated to an out and out adventure/survival film, a sub-genre that once ruled our cinema screens with memorable tales like the Poseidon Adventure and The Towering Inferno, and while players like Roland Emmerich with his 2012’s and Days After Tomorrows provide the fun and some popcorn visuals and the Rock brings his likeability to events like this year’s San Andreas, it’s been sometime since we’ve had a true classic. Enter Everest. Released in cinema screens this week the world over, Baltasar Kormákur’s seemingly visually stunning film with a star studded cast could just be the event film we’ve been longing for, whether we knew it or not. It’s safe to say we here at Jordan and Eddie are looking forward to catching Everest in the coming days on the biggest screen available to us, and below are a couple…

‘Big Hero 6’ series to Share Similar Plotline as ‘Captain America’ Series? Warning: Spoilers!

Originally posted on Ice the Burn:
If you haven’t heard already, there are plans to make a sequel to the comic-inspired animated film Big Hero 6, currently known as Big Hero 7 (naturally the number should increase with every sequel to come just like Ocean’s Eleven). Additionally, there’s been rumors about Tadashi being ALIVE! Yeah, Tadashi, the older brother of Hiro, the perfect role model and creator of Baymax, who supposedly died in a fire during a technology convention in the first film. Not only is he alive, but he’s rumored to be the VILLAIN of the next film, becoming the character Sunfire (who supposedly is an X-Men cross-over?!?). And of course other rumors are spreading, leading to other rumors based on rumors. But the point of this post is this: it sounds very similar to the Captain America films, and as someone who hasn’t been invested in the comics I am only capable of breaking down plot points and noting that somewhere in Marvel Studios and the Comic universe is one of potentially several…

Article Review: Millennials: The Money-Conscious Generation?

Originally posted on Discover the MAC:
Yes! Yes! And again I’ll say Yesssss! Forbes hit the nail on the head with this one and I appreciate the solid representation of my financial habits as a millennial. If I can take a moment to acknowledge this awesome statement by Emily Pachuta, head of investor insights at UBS: “They have a Depression-era mindset largely because they experienced market volatility and job security issues very early in their careers, or watched their parents experience them, and it has had a significant impact on their attitudes and behaviors.” She simply gets it. As a millennial, I need society, companies, family, friends and whoever else to understand that there are so many forces at play influencing how my generation operates – and financial habits are of no exception. While yes we want to live life to the fullest with no regrets, it doesn’t change the reality of massive student loan debt, the pressure to save for retirement (since social security won’t be an option ), and even the basic desire of wanting…