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When you make things up to tell people about what you’re doing with your life and hope they don’t follow up on them later

Originally posted on Lily in Bloom:
Try not having a future and attending a graduation event. Or not having a job when meeting up with your friends for the first time after coming back from school. These are some of the most dignity-challenging moments as a young person, so sometimes you have to make things up. This became a really fun game, because I was most likely meeting people I would never see again and it didn’t matter anyway. I’ve tried out a few and have only been asked about maybe one. 1. Oh, I’m just studying for the (insert graduate school exam here) full-time. This was a fun little answer for when I told everyone that I was preparing for law school. I am in no way studying for the LSAT, despite it being a very possible option a few months ago. Because of the specificity of the LSAT (unlike the GRE), this quickly ended the conversation and I didn’t have to go into further explanation of my immediate future. But I usually added on a…