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I feel like such a grumpy old man for saying this…but I still hate the whole selfie thing. Not just like taking a photograph of you and your ice cream (or whatever) and then sending it to your friend all: “haha – you don’t have a fucking ice cream, and I do!” – because of course, that is fantastic and I would never want to deprive anyone of such a perverse pleasure… I’m not even talking about getting a quick snap of you and your friends together to mark some kind of occasion…actually you know what I have no problem with the selfie in itself at all… But what I do have an issue with is the non-stop: KA-CHURR! … KA-CHURR! … KA-CHURR!  (That was supposed to be the camera sound on phones by the way; was a difficult one to recreate phonetically!) You see I’m sitting here in Starbucks – probably (definitely) drank too much coffee, but this person is sitting next to me taking photos at every angle – and has been doing so for over half an…

Pompeii, Corfu, jetskis and the Contiki Cough

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*Post was written on my trip and posted – a bit more than intended, apologies for my cold – retroactively on account of bad wifi (and said cold!)* We left Rome the next morning bright and early for what was an all travel day, puntucated with a stop in Pompeii. Pompeii was again, about a zillion degrees, and there was very little shade, making that an extra treat 😝 However the town was worth it in my opinion, as we got to walk through the theatre: Brothel: Baths: Houses: Any city forum: Of all those people whose lives were essentially frozen in time by Vesuvius. There aren’t any bodies actually at the site of Pompeii now, in case anyone was curious, but there were three plaster casts of a man: A dog: And a baby: On display that were kind of fascinating in a terrible way. After Pompeii we got back on the bus again and travel the whole day to make it to our first…