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Lazy Vegetarian Meal Ideas #25 Chickpea and Kale Delight

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I love chickpeas. Like, seriously. I could write a sonnet about chickpeas. Chickpeas are cheap, tasty and protein filled beauties and I don’t know what I would do without them, and they are also fabulously cheap! This recipe is my take on the more traditional spinach and chickpea combo; kale has a slightly sweeter taste, but I prefer it personally. What you need: A can of chickpeas, about half a pack of kale, olive oil, an onion. Spices: Asafoetida, fenugreek, tumeric, chilli powder, cumin, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, salt, pepper, chilli flakes 1: Heat oil in a large saucepan and add some asafoetida and mustard seeds. Heat the oil over a medium heat for a few minutes (chop the onion in the mean time) until it becomes fragrant. Then turn up the heat, add the onions and spices and fry for five-seven minutes 2: Add the kale and sauté on a medium heat for a few minutes. Then add the chickpeas and some more spices and fry for about five…

Best-Ever Black Bean Burgers

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I’ve eaten a whole lot of veggie burgers throughout my vegetarian life. Rarely have I ever made them myself, and this recipe really outshines anything you can buy in the freezer aisle. It takes a little bit longer to make this recipe, so if you’re always in a time crunch after work like me, hold off on this recipe until the weekend. I often find myself facing a major problem in trying new recipes: I don’t have a food processor. But I found a secret hack to the lack of food processor- an electric mixer. It seriously works like a charm! This recipe in particular comes from Ambitious Kitchen, but I made a few alterations that worked better for me. This recipe originally calls for half of a jalepeno and 2 teaspoons of spicy cajun spices, but I am not a big fan of spicy food so I took it out. It also called for sprouts as a topping on the burgers which in general are delicious, but I…

Mac and Cheese… with a Twist

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Summer months are great for seafood. I especially love lobster. Usually my parents will cooked it Cantonese style and sometimes just plain steaming it to retain the pure and fresh meat. But it’s good to switch things up once in a while and do a lobster salad or something. I was over at H’s a bit back for a fantastic meal and one of the many great dishes she made was her famous lobster mac and cheese. Whenever I see lobster mac and cheese on a menu, I am always tempted to order it. But I usually don’t because I have always been disappointed during the times I do order it. Most places usually skimp on the lobster or the lobster isn’t properly cooked or the pasta is too undercooked or overcooked. H has the magic touch though because her LMC is pretty darn close to perfection. And she has kindly allowed me to share her recipe so take advantage of good lobster supply and make this, you (and your tummy) sure…

Day 11: lunch and dinner

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? Yummy! For lunch I went a little light today cause I had hot yoga planned about an hour later! So I had some leafy greens, two eggs, some pretzel crackers, sliced apples on the side an hummus! I bought some hummus not too long ago and I am loving it! Hummus is high in protein, low in carbs, low in fat and great tasting! It’s like… the peanut butter I could never eat without worrying about added sugars and fats!? For dinner I had rice (of course!) some chicken breast and a light salad! Yum!