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10 Innovative Personal Finance Tips

Originally posted on Generation Y Retirement Account:
We see articles often about the most innovative companies, the most innovative technology, the most innovative fitness routines…why not the most innovative money tips? One thing I really dig about personal finance is consistency. There are many teachings & rules that were true in the past that are still applicable today. You really can’t doubt him when Warren Buffet states: “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.” Buffet is now 85 years old and is worth $61.8 billion dollars. Whoa.  I had to take a minute to let that sink in again… When you start to read & learn more about personal finance, you start to recognize patterns. Lot’s of them. This is great though! Repetition really allows you to learn about a subject that may seem like completely unfamiliar terrain. Unfortunately, if we are not exposed to personal finance teachings in our youth we have to play an immense amount of catch-up in our adulthood. Since personal finance is…

Money & Essentialism

Originally posted on Generation Y Retirement Account:
This past Friday, I finished a book entitled Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown (selected by my new company’s book club)! It was a fast & incredibly relevant read. (P.S. If you’ve been to my corner of the internet a few times, you’ll start to recognize that books serve as a major source of inspiration for my posts). Today I’m bringing a breakdown of Essentialism, overall life, and how this all correlates to money & personal finance. More and more the rapidity of life, technology and pursuit of success seems to overwhelm individuals. I can attest to this…from shaping my resume & refining my GPA in high school and college, to graduating and feeling like I am constantly huffing and puffing to keep in stride with life. After leaving several years of life at the educational institute level, it suddenly seems like you are back to square one. Regardless of how equipped you may be with the knowledge you acquired in school/university, nothing can quite prepare…

Malleable Money Mindset

Originally posted on Generation Y Retirement Account:
At age 5… I didn’t quite know that money was even real. Life consisted of hanging out at the playground on the monkey bars during recess & learning to share brightly colored Crayola crayons with my classmates. Life just happened, and innocence carried all of us youngins’ along. At age 10… I surpassed the years of experiencing that it’s ‘great to be 8,’ and it’s ‘fine to be 9.’ Those years didn’t quite phase me anymore because I reached the big ol’ double digit ages. I couldn’t wait to become a teenager with a beeper on my hip, and take on a J-O-B. I completed chores around the house to earn an allowance from my parents. Most purchases were trinkets, toys, and posters to decorate my room (because boy bands were sooo dreamy). At age 15… I landed my first job in high school. Wait, scratch that – two jobs! I finally hit that high responsibility phase I dreamed of when I was younger. I was earning my own…