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It Rains in My Apartment and Other Things I Shouldn’t Worry About (Weekly Recap 6)

Originally posted on Adventures in Verdance:
I added the throwback of the shark punching picture for @KatoKatonian. It’s a classic, after all. Once upon a time, my neighbor told me about his harrowing experience regarding water coming through his ceiling when his upstairs neighbor was taking a shower. It involved a lot of his possessions getting ruined and the floor being replaced throughout most of his apartment. I thought, “Wow, that must have sucked,” then moved on with my life. That is, until Friday night when I suddenly heard a fast tapping coming from the bathroom. I walked in, had a split second of rage, then grabbed a bucket. Ever since then, I’ve been playing a back and forth game of miscommunication with the rental company. In my opinion, it’s kind of an emergency when water starts coming out of your vents. It’s been five days and they finally sent people to fix it. And even then, they’re just repainting the ceiling, not finding the reason for the leak or replacing the damaged stuff. Soooo… expect more…

What’s in a Chef’s Garden?

Originally posted on Meals Under the Pressure Cooker:
The idea of a chef’s garden has always been alluring to me. I used to imagine a small patch of land cultivated for the growth of a few vegetables and herbs needed by a nearby restaurant. But what are the benefits of a chef’s garden? What’s exactly in a chef’s garden? On a weekend trip to Big Sur in Northern California, I got the chance to visit a thriving chef’s garden in the Post Ranch Inn near Highway 1. It turns out that there are far more varieties of vegetables and herbs in a chef’s garden than I had always thought. While talking to someone who worked on the chef’s garden, I was delighted to learn about the wonderful benefits of a chef’s garden. As we can see, a chef’s garden produces fresh, organic vegetables, which translates to healthy, tasty food on the plate. Vegetables in a chef’s garden are naturally grown, which means that they are not synthetic or genetically modified. Produces from a chef’s garden…

Fall Gardening 101: How to Start

Originally posted on The Farm on the Hill:
I don’t remember when I actually first heard about a fall garden. ?I think it was a conversation with my mom a few years back when she read about how to garden year-round in a 100 square foot space. ?Between our cut budget and my new found interest in eating locally and in-season more, I decided that this year we were going to try it. ?This past week I got all of my seedlings planted in the garden. ?I need to try to get the carrots planted this week and I will plant my spinach, arugula, and lettuces on Labor Day weekend. I have to say that I had a hard time finding a lot of information about fall gardening. ?Its easy to find out WHAT to plant but not how to plant. ?Even vegetables that can be planted in the fall, don’t have a information on the seed packets on how to plant for the fall. ?I don’t have this fall gardening thing all figured out…