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F*ck, Marry, Kill: Star Wars Edition

Originally posted on TheCollective:
Original artwork: Disney/Lucasfilm This is the final week in our Star Wars rewatch and what a ride it’s been, Collectors! Today, we play a little game called Fuck, Marry, Kill with three of our favorite Star Wars characters. Let us know if you agree, disagree or have anything to say about our choices in the comments below and be sure to check out our sisters from another mister over at Keysmash blog and join us tonight as we live tweet the final installment of the Star Wars epic, Revenge of the Sith, starting at 6pm West Coast time. Fuck, Marry or Kill…Luke Skywalker, Leia Skywalker or Han Solo? The Spaniard Okay here we go. This game sucks right now, because I love these three characters immensely! I feel rather like Tom Hiddleston at an MTV slumber party. But anyway. Fuck— Han Solo. Because who doesn’t want to get it on with that hunk of man meat? I certainly do. I’m sure that fucking Han also involves lots of feels and snarky banter. Marry—…

Scream Queens Review: “Chainsaw”

Originally posted on TheCollective:
? While Scream Queens received some mixed reviews for last week’s premier I think the latest installment definitely holds promise that the show knows how to balance horror, mystery and comedy. Mainly: less Chanel being a horrible person (not funny) and more frat boys screaming their heads off (funny.) Spoilers ahead, Sweetie… Let’s start with a twist that surprises no one: Chanel #2’s body has gone missing and there appears to be grumblings among the ranks of the Chanels. Mainly #5 refuses to help find the body and continues to act suspicious. Meanwhile the rest of the house begins to wonder where #2 disappeared to. Grace and Zayday investigate her room where there is a large blood like stain on the ground. The two are clearly the only pledges in the group with some common sense, but it’s a surprise when Office Hemphill walks on the scene and lays some truth down on them. Of course the stain is blood and there’s even a suspicious tweet saying the Red Devil killed…