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Why I Want to Stop Fearing the “offensive” Topics

Originally posted on teenmusing:
Hullo, peoples! (Perhaps today should be a British day. It is quite rainy.) Today’s topic is one I’ve been mulling over for quite a while now, and I’d love to know your opinions on it. Everybody fears things. Fear is an emotion that aims to STOP! us. Being frightened can stop us from doing something hurtful to ourselves or others. Fear can hold us back as well. If we’re so afraid of the risk that we can’t see the good that will come out of it, then fear is detrimental. Sometimes there will be negative consequences, and we have to be prepared for those. But you can’t have a fulfilling life while you’re hiding behind the safety rails. There are rational and irrational fears, and fears that fall somewhere in between. I have all of them, but I can’t let the irrational ones control me. I want to be honest on this blog. In real life, I am very much a chameleon; “who I am” changes with my surroundings. Perhaps that’s not…

Stuff Happened: A Christian Response to Mass Shootings

Originally posted on Doing Wells:
Trending Topic: #StuffHappens & #IamaChristian Will it ever stop? When I heard of the Oregon shooting, I shook my head. “It happened again.” It seems like a mass shooting of some kind happens every week. Over the summer we had Charleston, Chattanooga, and Louisiana. That’s not counting the unjust deaths of cops at the hands of African-Americans and the unjust deaths of African-Americans at the hands of cops. And that’s not counting the shootings that happen all the time in places like Chicago or Detroit that never make the news—there’s simply not enough time to report on every unfortunate death at the hand of a small cylinder of metal known as a bullet. I don’t blame the President for being frustrated. We all would be if we have to play the Comforter-in-Chief for a nation that loses so many to gun violence. So many more in the past couple years. Here he is, in front of a camera yet again, having to address another shooting. This time around, he completely…

For The Peeple, Hated By The Peeple

Originally posted on Cookies + Sangria:
Last week, the Internet was up in arms (but when is it not) about a new app called Peeple, which lets you rate and review other people. It’s been called “Yelp for Humans”, which is how it’s being marketed around the web, hence the outrage among social media users who haven’t done any further research. I’m definitely not defending this app, but I wanted to figure out why the founders of it wanted to make it in the first place. These two best friends, one in Canada, one in the U.S., were dedicated to “changing the way people can learn about each other online.” Their solution was Peeple, an app that “allows you to rate and comment about the people you interact with in your daily lives on the following three categories: personal, professional, and dating.” Ok, seems easy enough. But, why sign up to do it? What is the goal to be accomplished here? According to these ladies, their mission is to “find the good in you”, and “enhance your…