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Bali: The Legian

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The Legian Bali really made me enjoy my quick holiday on Bali. The property offers not only brillant pools and very nice suites, but comes with a service, which is out of this world! My first impressions could hardly be any better. Stay tuned for an extensive review here on traveluxblog!

City Review: Sao Paulo

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Sao Paulo is located in Brazil and is the biggest city on the Southern hemisphere with more than 12 million people living there. Even though Sao Paulo is nowadays mainly a huge business and finance city, it appears to be very enjoyable to just stroll around and see it through the eyes of a traveler. Find more content about Sao Paulo on our city page! While reading our city review of Sao Paulo, you will notice that most pics are not taken with the good camera this time, but are rather “just” phone photos. Due to a high criminal rate in Sao Paulo (at least that’s what we were told), we were recommended by several concierges to leave everything of value in the safe in our room. Thus, all we had with us was one mobile phone and a few bugs. Admittedly, some situations with locals were a bit weird, but that’s it. Being prepared for a somewhat Johannesburg in South America, I was surprised very positively by Sao Paulo. Paulista Avenue Sao…


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? ? Malawi is flourishing green, although sadly all the big ancient forests have been cut down and sold. At 5.30am shops are open and people are busy. Tasty tomatoes. Woocash and Robert disappeared off into the surrounding area to hunt out Oofa (Sadza) which has now become a team favourite food. In the meantime, these ladies were lovely and friendly and happy to sell me their produce. The land of smiles is full of people smiling and waving. Food on the roadside is cheap and delicious. Ripe sweet mangos and home made doughnuts become daily treats. Insects are fluffy and the police are helpful. After a policeman checked our ID at a road block, he sent someone to fetch water for us from his house! A man we met along the way brought us sandwiches on our lunch break. In the centre is the kindly man who came searching for us in our lunch break. It took him a while, we were well hidden. I must take up…

A Day in Uluwatu

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I awoke after a day exploring Balinese temples and the Ubud area bubbling to the brim with excitement! My best girl Tessa had landed in Bali and I was going to get to spend the day exploring Uluwatu with her. Her boyfriend Benno would also be joining us – but as he’s a pretty good egg, I wasn’t dreading being a third wheel like I normally would. After a morning swim in my little plunge pool, I took a leisurely 10 minute stroll from my villa at Daluman to where she was staying – Acacia Villas. It was located in a bit of a rabbit warren and thus could have proven difficult to find – but Google Maps had my back! Her villa was luxurious. As she was travelling in a group of six people, they were able to splash out and get something extra extravagant and split the costs. Gotta love luxury on a budget! Our first stop of the day was the absolutely drop dead gorgeous…

Paris: Molitor MGallery Collection

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After two exciting, but also very crazy and strenuous weeks in India, we arrived with a red-eye flight in Paris! Molitor MGallery Collection is our place to stay for tonight. One of the coolest rooms we had in a while! As always, a full extensive review of our stay is about to be released soon!

Exploring Connecticut: Kent Falls

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I recently went to Kent Falls located in Kent, Connecticut with my friend, and I visit here about 2 times a year in the warmer months. However, with all the nice weather recently I decided to be daring and visit during February. Looking back at it, that might have been a bit of a mistake. First of all, there was ice all around where the falls was so you couldn’t walk directly to the bottom of the falls unless you want to look like a penguin sliding on your stomach all the way to the falls. Even some of the stone steps were covered in ice, but it made it a little easier with a hand rail there to hold on to. And lastly, I almost got lost in the woods because of all the rain recently there was mud everywhere on the other side of the trail so it made it difficult to spot the trail or to even cross it. However, this seems like something that…

Midnight Swims in Bali

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Moving my home base from Adelaide to Darwin was something that happened very quickly and something I did for many reasons. Darwin is literally on the other side of the country from Adelaide and the two cities are worlds apart. Darwin is as close to Singapore as it is to Adelaide and as a result – it is a total melting pot of culture. So what prompted the change? I have felt the need for a long term sea change for years now. Adelaide is a wonderful city, but to me it felt stagnant and monotonous, like nothing could ever really surprise me. My ultimate goal is to work with MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and with the Royal Darwin Hospital being the closest tertiary hospital for an enormous catchment area spanning three states, numerous islands and many remote communities – I knew it would be the place to really get stuck into midwifery, get exposure to things I otherwise wouldn’t and learn as much as possible. Lastly, Darwin…

Hamilton Island

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Imagine turquoise water so clear you can see straight to the bottom, coral in neon green and bright purple, and sunsets that pierce the sky with pink rays of light…well that pretty much sums up Hamilton Island. The main reason we booked a trip to Hamilton was to visit the Great Barrier Reef, but it turns out the island was pretty incredible itself. Here’s my guide to planning the perfect trip to Hamilton Island: Booking: When researching this trip for my parents and I, there were quite a few different options for the Great Barrier Reef ranging from where to stay, how to get there, and what to see. We chose to stay on the gorgeous Hamilton Island (which is part of the famous Whitsunday Islands). The easiest way to book everything on the island is through their website. I didn’t know this at the time, but the Hamilton Island company owns and runs everything on the island- making it super easy to book everything. Arrival: The flight was not…

San Francisco: Top things to do and see

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San Francisco is one of those cities in which it will never get boring and this not just because it is big. San Francisco simply has a lot to offer when it comes to things to do and see. Whether it is the Golden Gate Bridge or China Town, Pier 39 or Lombard Street: There’s always something to discover. So, here are our probably most popular top things to do and see in San Francisco! Cross the Golden Gate Bridge Apart from being considered as “the” symbol for the United States of America next to the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco is the landmark of the whole Bay Area San Francisco. So, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is a real must-do! Moreover, the Golden Gate Bridge has been declared one of the Wonders of a Modern World. Ride a Cable Car The Cable Car System of San Francisco is the very last one which is being operated on a manual basis. Of the once…

Chicago: The Wonderful Yet Windy City

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DAY 1 We arrived into the city of Chicago late and starving, so decided to dump our bags in the hostel room and head off in search of food. We had heard about the famous Lou Malnati’s deep-dish pizza, which was just a couple of blocks from where we were staying at Hostelling International. We ordered two ‘personal’ pizzas and decided to split them so we could try the different toppings. The pizzas were delicious and cheesy and only made my love for pizza even stronger. My only regret was that I didn’t order a bigger size! We got back to the hostel and showered before going to sleep in our 8 person dorm room. Surprisingly the beds were super comfy and the room was quite spacious with a bathroom. DAY 2 After a half decent nights sleep we decided to head out to explore the city. It was freezing cold outside, yet sunny with blue skies. We walked straight to Cloud gate, also known as ‘the Bean’, a massive…