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Originally posted on Fred Colton:
It should be easy. You can conjure people and make them do what you want. And money isn’t a factor. Your story can be as big-budget Michael Bay as you want. Your story can cost $500 trillion if it has to. Today was gonna be the day. I had eight hours in the office to get that novella revved back into gear. Nothing came out. Because creation can rarely be scheduled. Lately I’ve been typing characters who are just me but with a different first name. When I try to diversify it feels like my imagination has been vacuumed out of my head. In these moments you can slide into a deep tar pit of depression that makes you want to take a nap. I looked at words other people had made up. Wondered how it was possible. In Harry Potter there are non-magical people who live at Hogwarts. They are called squibs. Best result they can hope for is shooting sparks out of a wand. Meanwhile there are motherfuckers…