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Amateur vs. Professional: Is the Only Thing Between Them A Toolbox?

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“It’s always been my dirty little secret that I don’t like finagling Adobe’s software. I figured most people would not be able to see me as a professional if I wouldn’t commit to learning how to use the software. But why does it matter what I’m using as long as I get the project done?! It takes time for me to learn to use fancy software over something that I’m used too and time’s a commodity most people can’t afford these days.” That was an excerpt from the first version of this piece where I found freedom in accepting that I didn’t have to use the tools everyone else was using and that I would be perfectly fine using Microsoft Publisher to address my designer needs for the rest of my (probably short lived) career. Since then I’ve come to terms with what I was actually doing which is a mix between giving myself some room to breathe and hanging myself with the slack that I was allowing. The truth…