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Dreams I’ve Had That Shouldn’t Be Made Into Films #1

Originally posted on Otis Robinson:
I was in jail with an acquaintance from school. The whole building was creepy and run down, with scary prison guards that included the uglier cast members of Prison Break and a questionable swimming pool where inmates practiced diving. I had a set of keys in my pocket throughout the entire dream but never used them, for some reason. One day, my acquaintance and I were on “garden duty” – which I’m not sure is an actual prison work activity – that included cutting the grass and tending to the flowers around the prison. So we were basically the grandmas of jail. Upon finishing the job, we turned around and the entire prison was gone, including inmates and guards. So, we were stood in the middle of nowhere, accidentally escaped from prison, with a set of keys (that still didn’t make sense) and gardening tools.

New Professions for Meek Mill Now That His Rap Career is (Probably) Done

Originally posted on Black Millennials:
Unless you’re allergic to the New School of Hip Hop, you know of the electrifying rap feud between Drake and Meek Mill. But if you’re stuck in your not-today chilluns …here’s a recap. In what I imagine was an intoxicated rant fest with hoards of yes-men, Meek Mill went on Twitter and said Drake didn’t write his own bars. Ah shit. Stop comparing drake to me too…. He don’t write his own raps! That’s why he ain’t tweet my album because we found out! 😁 — Meek Mill (@MeekMill) July 22, 2015 Audio soon surfaced of alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller rapping lines from one of Drake’s many smash hits “10 Bands” on a reference track. All eyes were on DrakeBeard. He dropped “Charged Up,” an okay response that we soon learned was actually a stage-setter for one of the greatest diss tracks of our generation. Laden with piercing (and slightly misogynoristic, but corporate hip hop …) punchlines, Drake CA-LEARLY took the win. Drake evinced the strategic, clever, straightforwardness of a young Hov;…