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European Travels part 5: London

Hi, friends! Life has been crazy and I keep putting off the last 3 cities on my Europe recap. As little time as I have, I just want to get them on here, or else I know I’ll never finish and it will drag out waaaay longer than it needs to. London, England. England was the third country we traveled to and was the place we were in the longest. We were in London 6-7 days. For those of you who have been and know how expensive it is, you probably thought it was a little crazy of us. We decided to stay in London the longest because of the fact that we had free places to stay here. Being hosted by friend is by far the best (and most budget-friendly) way to travel! Our first connection was with a family in Croyden. Croyden is a suburb about 30 minutes south of London. Now, before we got to London, 30 minutes didn’t seem like too far from the city. Once we got there, we quickly…

Lounge Review: BA Galleries Lounge South London Heathrow

travelux BA Galleries Lounge South London Heathrow is one of three lounges at the British Airways Terminal at London Heathrow. The BA Galleries Lounge in the south of the terminal offers a consistent experience with nice seating, a good buffet and selected entertainment options. Even though it is not as good as the BA Galleries First Lounge, it is still a very decent lounge. Everyone flying Business Class with British Airways or an oneworld carrier as well as all oneworld Sapphire members got the pleasure to enjoy either the BA Galleries Lounge South or the British Airways Galleries Lounge North at London Heathrow airport. You can enjoy a great view of the tarmac in the Galleries Lounge Depending on your gate of departure, either the one or the other is more suitable. Find more content about London on our city page! The BA Galleries Lounge South London Heathrow is actually located… View original post 625 more words

Harry Potter World

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Yesterday I was lucky enough to get to visit the Harry Potter sets and being such a big Harry Potter fan anyway this just highlighted my upset that the books and films are actually over. A large amount of Harry Potter was filmed in a studios in north London and they have set up an exhibition of props and scenes from the films so you can experience the magic yourself! Having driven quite a while to get to the location in Watford, we were greeted by the huge chess pieces from the first film. The scale of these are insane and they really would dwarf a grown man. We then proceed into the main entrance where we are greeted by the great hall doors, again these are huge and to everyones excitement upon entering through the doors we are stood in the real great hall! This is lined with tables mounted with food from the films. There is fire places on each wall all engraved with the Hogwarts cress…