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Originally posted on everythingoliviamarie:
My tattoo fascination started freshman year of high school. A couple of my friends decided to head into the city one day and came home tatted up. They had something that no one else I knew at the time had and I thought it was so cool and rebelious. I came home from school that day and told my parents what my friends had done, hoping they would think it was equally as cool and let me get one too. For some reason I thought my parents would be fine with it, but they obviously weren’t. That day they made a rule that I wasn’t aloud to get a tattoo until I was living on my own and paying my own way. Im sure you can imagine how disappointed I was. Flash forward 5 years and I was still just as obsessed as I was in high school. Only now getting a tattoo was a lot less ridiculous of an idea. Tattoos are such a defining trait for Generation Y. More millennials are sporting…