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Home Alone is 25 Years Old! Here is a Delightful Oral History

Originally posted on The Nostalgia Blog:
This is a delightful oral history of what I think is safe to say my generation’s all time favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone (all due respect to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation). The piece is written by James Hughes (son of Home Alone writer, John Hughes) for Chicago magazine which is fitting as the film took place “on the most boring street in the whole United States of America, where nothing even remotely dangerous will ever happen.” which happens to be in Chicago. If you aren’t familiar with oral histories, they are in my opinion the best way to recount stories (especially in the entertainment industry). The reason they are so good is that it is the people involved just recount their versions of what happens which usually makes for a more interesting read. The article is full of fun anecdotes and delightful stories, so please, grab a whole cheese pizza, sit down and enjoy reading this oral history…ya filthy animals. link to oral history found below:

Thank You NYC, For Making Me a Better Person

Originally posted on Tara Pook:
I usually avoid Times Square like carrots in my shrimp fried rice, but tonight I couldn’t help but stand here for a few minutes. I’ve learned a thing or two from the tourists I rush past. They’re so happy and in the moment, as they marvel at the big lights. It reminds me to be grateful for the opportunity to live and learn in this city. And although this past year has been rather tough, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The patience I’ve gained is not only manifesting itself in waiting for the promises God made to me when I moved here, it is also manifesting itself in the way I’ve shown patience with those around me. Like showing kindness to a tourist struggling with her luggage, or treating a homeless man like he’s not invisible. So I guess I say all of this just to say thanks NYC, for making me a better person. —Tara Pook

Live: Rosemary and Succulent Bouquets

Rosemary and Succulent Bouquet Flowering Rosemary It is the first day of spring here in the southern hemisphere and while it is a gloriously sunny day today it is still very crisp and cold. While we are waiting for our spring flowers to bloom we have been making these pretty bouquets using flowering rosemary and succulents. They make every room smell great and last forever, still retaining their prettiness as they dry. View original post

DIY: Updating Plastic Bins

Originally posted on The HardKnock Diaries:
Last week, I was in the process of moving out of my parent’s home for the first time. With the lack of space in my dorm, I needed drawer space that came on wheels and was easily accessible. To combat my problems, I decided to purchase plastic bins to hold all of my necessities. The only problem was the terribly ugly appearance and lack of privacy of the bins. Watch me transform my bins from… This: To This: What You’ll Need: Plastic bins or drawers Double Sided Tape (or an adhesive) Scissors Scrapbook Paper ( wrapping paper or liner can also be used) Steps: 1.) Measure your scrapbook paper against your plastic bins. I was lazy with this step, but you can certainly use a ruler if you like. 2.) Once, your paper is measured, put medium sized tape pieces along the four corners of the scrapbook paper. I have seen others actually cut a slit where the handle should go, but again I am lazy and this covering…