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Traveling Is My Therapy

Originally posted on Sublunar Reflections:
I do my best thinking when I travel. Whether it’s a short commute to work or a bus ride out of town for the weekend, I feel like that absence from being somewhere, that constant state of motion, really helps me to focus. When I’m traveling I can let my mind wander, let my thoughts come to me naturally. I can give up control for a few minutes while someone else drives and just feel. I remember once, when I was living abroad in Belgium, I was having a particularly bad day. In that moment I felt my homesickness as a sharp ache, a heavy feeling on my heart that I couldn’t seem to shake. So I got up, left my house, and even though I had no where in mind to go, I took the tram from the end of my block all around the city. The whole time I felt like I was on the verge of tears, but watching the scenery streak by out the window for…

Writing as Therapy

Originally posted on My Writing Journey:
I wrote a poem–a thing which I don’t do often–and I didn’t write it because I wanted to sound profound, or I wanted to be a great writer. I wrote it because I wanted to think something through. I suppose that a lot of poetry happens like that, and because of that, a lot of it is about love and death and troubles. This would be no exception. I call it “None At All.” *side note: my stanzas are separated by — because the paragraphs weren’t showing up when I pasted it. Do you take the road least traveled? The hipster would say yes. Do you take the road more traveled? Tradition would say yes. — Does a river yearn to climb a mountain? We don’t really know, And though they work with gravity, I’d like to say, yes. — You see, I know the science, The probability of it all. But does that mean that I Stick to the proven course? — I could follow the path That…