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5 Of My Favourite Blogs In August

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Last month I decided to start writing a post each month to share my favourite blog posts from other bloggers. Throughout August I’ve kept an eye on my bloglovin’ and Twitter feed, looking for interesting and inspiring posts. ? Here are my 5 favourite blog posts from August: ? Blogger And The Geek Two lovely bloggers came up with the idea of #BloggerBoxShare and put it into action earlier this month. I signed up straight away! Gifts are the best. Sending gifts to other bloggers = even better. I’m literally so excited to take part in this. Head over to Becky’s blog for more information on Blogger Box Share. ? Life Beauty Love My Twitter feed was filled with people sharing this eye opening blog post from Katie, “Clothing Sizes In Retail: Is It Time For Change?“. I’ve felt pretty much everything Katie and the other bloggers in her post have gone through during clothes shopping. After reading the comments, it’s obvious men also have similar problems when…

Films I love

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin As Joseph is on my PS4, I thought I would create a new blog post. Even though I uploaded one last night, I am rather bored and thought I would upload a short-ish post on the films that I adore with all my heart. Now, I’m just wondering if I should just leave it as a simple bullet point or just a brief description as to why, I love these films. I will probably add a little description as I love talking about films. I could go on for a while, so be warned! My all time favourite film would be The Labyrinth, hands down. I love this film with a passion it is a classic 80’s film. I first loved this because of a musician that goes by the name of Bowie. David Bowie. I love him in it, such a good film. Second would be The Company of Wolves. Again, another 80’s classic however I watched this when I was…