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The Emotional Roller Coaster of Passion

Every project starts with excitement. Not those terrible assigned project that may require you to work with other people. Passion projects. It starts with excitement. You dive into the planning process. You hit a few bumps there, but you push forward and turn your research into reality. You work and werk on your blog, new business, or project of your choosing. You hit another bump or two, but you still manage to launch. Things are going well, then okay, then comes the monster bump.

What It’s (REALLY) Like to Crowdfund

Originally posted on The Motivated Millennial: I’m really good at crowdfunding (for other people). My current success rate for my clients is 100%; a homerun stat encompassing projects in a variety of industries and stage of development. I’ve written multiple articles advising fellow entrepreneurs on how to pitch the “perfect” campaign including, “5 Tips for a Successful Crowdfund Campaign” (YFS Magazine, 2014) and “3 Reasons Every Startup Should Crowdfund” (The Rouse, 2014). Up until last month, crowdfunding was the only marketing service I offer that I had not applied in my own businesses.  Social media, public relations, start-up marketing, grand openings, company rebrands were all skills I first experienced within my own investments; crowdfunding just followed as a well-rewarded necessity.  I’ve learned a lot running a crowdfund for my own business, and have newfound respect for my crowdfunded clients who stuck out the agonizing weeks of a campaign. Here are four “beyond the textbook”, “walk a mile in their shoes”, “revelations” I had crowdfunding for my business: Laymen’s Terms Please! Read more…