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Mamita told the Cleaning Lady that Mexicans are lazy

Originally posted on Sex and Living with Your Parents:
And she’s Mexican. I was on the phone outside. I didn’t hear what Mamita actually told her, only what followed. Mamita said that not only did the cleaning lady disagree with her, she thinks it’s not the Mexicans but the Americans that the lazy ones. Oh snap. I know Mamita is testy and fired up because her hands are on her hips. She points her finger in the air and asks me what I think about that. Do I think Americans are “flojos,” (lazy)? “Y que te parece?” (What do you think?). She’s expecting me to fire back, defend America and Americans. USA. USA. “Bueno, algunos son asi.” (Well, some are like that), because of course that’s the truth. Now it’s the three of us, and there’s one more at the sink washing dishes. She stops and comes over. “Yo no soy persona para juzgar a nadie. Hay gente buena y gente mala por todos lados.” (I don’t judge. There’s good people and bad people everywhere). The…