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Art and Violence

Originally posted on Cristian Mihai:
Could art influence people in such a way that they start shooting each other? Do we absorb the violence we see in movies and video games? Do we try to apply what we see in the real world? Interesting. It really is fascinating to see that some people believe that we can’t really discern what’s real from what’s not, that we don’t understand that the general convention of art is that it’s not true. As close as art and the real life are, we know art only mimics real life. And it does show for a reason. To transmit a message. Now that’s the closest to being true anyone who feels that violence in art instigates to violence will ever be. Art, in all its forms, has the ability to transmit a message to an audience. The better the art, the more receptive the audience. But most people are just missing the point. As long as you UNDERSTAND and ACKNOWLEDGE that any fictional universe (in a movie, a video game,…

The official launch of @DoitfortheProcess!

On the heel of yesterday’s blog post, I am so excited to share this exciting news with you today! I am thrilled announce the launch of the new Do It For The Process Instagram account!  HOORAY!!!!! The #DoItForTheProcess hashtag has taken on a life of it’s own and has become a great place for artists and makers to showcase their work, and now, we’re taking it to a whole new level! ? In this new Instagram account, I’ll be featuring many of the artist I admire each, talking about their process, their inspiration, sharing stunning photos of their work, and generally bragging on them.    It’s going to be amazing!   This is day 4 of this account’s life, so we are going to be growing and nurturing it together and I would LOVE your support!  Please feel free to share this good news in whatever way you wish.  TY! ? When I began this blog YEARS and years ago, my goal was to share the work of people that I admire.  I LOVE supporting…

Street Artist: Alice Pasquini

Originally posted on Brooke Brunson:
? A visual artist from Rome, Alice is a talented young woman who also works as an illustrator, set designer, and painter. Most of her artwork can be seen on city walls in various cities across the globe, such as Sydney, New York, Barcelona, Oslo, Moscow, Paris, Copenhagen, Marrakech, Berlin, Saigon, London, and Rome. Her inspiration and message behind her craft is to create art about people and their relationships. She aims to depict the small or little between moments between people and one another that never get seen. While representing the true feelings of human empathy and exploring different points of view. Some of her other depictions that you can see throughout her work include strong and independent women.  A new meaning of what it takes to be the woman of today and showing women in a way that differs from the highly sexualized image of femininity that is typically seen in society. The brightness and colorful hues in her work are usually carried out in color spray paint, acrylics,…

Hamilton Explained: Cabinet Battle #1 (As Kanye Rant Tweets)

Originally posted on Cookies + Sangria:
Welcome back to Hamilton Explained! It’s been a minute. When the Hamilton soundtrack was released all of these historical and musical references were jumping out at me and I wanted to start unpacking some of them here. I wasn’t counting on a whole community of people doing this very thing over at Genius. Instead of duplicating the efforts from Genius (check out their annotations if you haven’t!) here’s Cabinet Battle #1, explained through tweets from Kanye West’s epic January 27, 2016 against Wiz Khalifa. WASHINGTON: Ladies and gentlemen, you coulda been anywhere in the world tonight, but you’re here with us in New York City. Are you ready for a cabinet meeting??? The issue on the table: Secretary Hamilton’s plan to assume state debt and establish a national bank. Secretary Jefferson, you have the floor, sir JEFFERSON: ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.’ We fought for these ideals; we shouldn’t settle for less These are wise words, enterprising men quote ‘em Don’t act surprised, you guys, cuz I wrote ‘em 8th I…

I hate the night

Originally posted on The CYCLE:
I hate the nights The insomnia The sleepless night I hate the night The lifelessness The inability to control To feel Complete shut down I hate the night I can’t get to her tonight So I hate the night I hate my night Nightshift Nightfall Darkness I hate my night So why tonight Like yester night Same shit befalls Nightmare crawls I hate you night Creepy as fuck Oh great thou night Maybe tomorrow night Maybe never night We are bound to meet So later Night……… I’m Cycle ♥

Modern Rebels

Originally posted on for the love of nike :
Milwaukee Art Museum is currently featuring an exhibit of Modern Rebels who were game changers in the world of fine arts. You’re probably familiar with most of them. A short list of the 68 master makers includes Frida, Pollock, Van Gogh, Picasso, Dalí, Miró, & Lichtenstein. It’s so wonderful to walk through works from around 1900 to 1960, and view each piece as a stepping stone in the timeline until now. Strong vibes of surrealism, cubism, Fauvism, and abstraction all staring each other in the face. Such a powerhouse collection makes me wonder what collections will be circulation 100 years from now. Who will be the future rebels to revere for generations to come? I wore a fun dress by WHIT. It only seemed fitting with the bold color and pattern mirrored in the art work. Take a look other inspiring WHIT pieces here. To push the tropical vibe further, I wore my Hawaiian print Roshe Runs. They’re no longer available, but you can grab the matching leggings on sale now.…