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How to last through a party with flawless makeup

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Hey Ladies So since many of you are interested in more beauty related topics i have chosen to write about how to last through those party nights, or a long day at work without having those mirror freak out wondering where your?lipstick?disappeard to. Your face does not have to show how exhausting or stressed you are and by?creating a long-lasting look you will?spend more time in the moment and less time in the mirror :)? Prime and blott For me the worst beauty freakout is when i see my T-Zone getting all oily and my foundation half gone. So to avoid that wrong kind of shine it is important to prime your face so that the foundation really gets on your skin and stays there. I use smooth affair for oily skin primer from Jane iredale. Before you head out quickly blott your face with some powder or blotting papers. Try pure pressed base mineral foundation Use smudge proof/ water proof Nothing screams “I’m tired” like smeared eyeliner. To…

Boats and Birthdays

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Dear Friend, Okay sorry this is late and probably wont make much sense because i think i may still be a bit intoxicated but here it goes. Today was overall a good day. It was Rachel’s birthday. We went out on her boat. It was the first time I was really able to drink all summer. It felt great to be with my friends and go wild for once. Parents knew where I was and who I was with so I didn’t even need to worry. It was great! When I first got there Rachel screamed “dont worry max is coming” so now everybody knows, i was given numerous pep talks and asked questions about him the whole time. Lol, im awkward about the whole thing so I didn’t really know how to answer. Jaxson kept saying “you know you can use my room later if you want, I would be honored if you hooked up on my bed” okay ew! am i the only one that finds that remotely…