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Wedding Inspiration Board

Originally posted on Dorkchops:
Hi everyone! Paperless Post approached me to put together this wedding inspiration post and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to do so. I’ve done a post in the past on my dream wedding, which if you’re interested, you can click here to read it. However, this post is purely on some ideas that you could use or keep a note of when you’re planning your own wedding day! It is a collection of different images that I have gathered around on the internet Paperless Post is notable for producing photo save the dates as well as wedding invitations! However, they also offer the widest range of cards with different beautiful designs that there is no doubt you will find something that fits your taste. =)   Thank you for reading this post and visiting my blog! Once again, if any of the invitations above caught your eye, check out Paperless Post. They do a wide range of cards to suit all your needs and I can guarantee that you will…

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Care Packages

Originally posted on for the love of nike :
I have to admit, that navigating through the whole wedding game, I’ve felt very out of place. I’m a corny person by nature, but so much of the expected behavior felt beyond corny to me. My fiancé and I did our best to pick and choose what things made sense for us, and what we wanted to avoid. We definitely wanted to make sure that family and friends played key roles in the process. So obviously, the folks in our wedding party were a vital part of everything. I wanted to do something special for my bridesmaids before the wedding, so I put together this care package for them. Being the Nike weirdo that I am, I was first inspired by a pair of sneakers (in particular the ones on the top left). Bring on the blues.  I painted a card that I would go into each girls’ gift, asking them if they’d be my bridesmaid. This is acrylic and ink on paper. Try your hand at it! But if you’re…

A Summer Wedding in Vermont

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Newport, VT Last weekend I visited West Charleston, VT for the wedding of a childhood friend. Until last week the only weddings I’d been part of were those of my parents’ friends and aunts and uncles. Now, quite suddenly, weddings within my cohort are taking my schedule by storm. This Vermont wedding was the first of four I’ll attend this summer alone, and everyone getting married in these weddings is within my age-range. I have been both honored and anxious to be included in everyone’s celebrations. It’s admittedly been a little challenging going from zero to sixty, and to transition from never having glimpsed a wedding registry to navigating the world of shower and wedding gifts, weekender travel details, and resisting over-committing. What I will say is that this wedding in Charleston was an incredible experience to kick start many years to come of wedding festivities. Vermont is gorgeous year-round, but the beautiful blue skies in combination with the intense green of the leaves and the clear mountain air provided an excellent little window into Charleston…