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Learn to Laugh More

Originally posted on Ramona Crisstea:
I wanted to approach a new subject in this post that is different from the usual tips for dressing. I wanted to talk about something that is related to happiness and that is laughter. Through laughter we express out joy. Concentrate on the present moment because it is rich enough. Try to tell yourself that nothing is permanent, even the worries and unhappy moments. In addition to that remember that laughter is essential. The laughter can lit us from inside and help get through a rough day. You can take out of the wardrobe the most unconventional clothes and wear them. Moreover smile while doing so and get out of anonymity. You will see how everyone notices you and that is a good thing. This little thing can be on your list that makes you happy and remember to be grateful and joyful every day. Photo credit: @lepikteur Wat I wore: Watch – Lambretta Vest – HERE Blouse – HERE Sunglasses – HERE Jeans – HERE Bag –HERE Shoes –…

MVMT Watches: Company Review

Originally posted on Me, Myself and Everything Else:
Happy Wednesday! This week has been something else! I have lots to share soon but until then I wanted to share a company I’ve been loving lately. I also want to mention this is not a sponsored post.? MVMT watches have been getting more and more popular lately and with their?cool crisp style I can see why! The minute I saw them I new I had to have one! I originally snagged one for my boyfriend ?and he loves it as well! After seeing how much he loved his, he surprised me (with my not so subtle hints) with one for Valentine’s Day!? About a month after having my watch I noticed the time kept being off. No matter how many times I reset it or fixed it, I would look down later and it would be off.? I emailed MVMT and within 5 minutes I had a response back from customer service with another way to reset it. I tried, but sadly it didn’t work! So…

10 Highly Recommended Conferences for Young Entrepreneurs in 2016

There are many events geared towards entrepreneurs that take place throughout each year. Here are 10 events worth looking into in 2016.

Relax and Enjoy Life

Originally posted on Flavors of Fashion & Beauty in Boston:
Sanrdo ‘TrueLove’ sweatshirt, Nasty Gal skirt, Sandro booties, Furla ‘Yoyo’ cosmetic case & ‘Lady’ tassel charm. Athleisure has reached great new heights, allowing comfy clothes to become unlikely staples of sophisticated street style. Isn’t it great? From sweatpants with heels to graphic sweatshirts with skirts, there are endless ways to look chic but relaxed, and actually feel relaxed, too. I’ve barely taken off this adorable Sandro sweatshirt since I snagged it last month, and it looks just as cool with mom jeans and combat boots as it does dressed up with this flouncy skirt. The views expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of the SMCP company management. Photos by Miranda Mu

Smile Like Baymax

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The first quarter of 2016 has made me a busy bee by juggling between full-time job and FnJ business – plus Jansellbiskwit blog of course. But instead of getting burned out, I find time to breathe some air, drink lots of water (Haha!) and get a good amount of sleep. Positive outlook also works. I consider each task/activity not as bunch of headaches but an opportunity to learn, connect and grow. When we choose to be happy, everything turns out smooth and easy. So stop frowning, smile like Baymax! On a scale of 1-10, how do you rate your happiness? Bags Life (via Zalora) cap, Revlon lipstick *Hype this look and follow me on Lookbook.

What to Wear to an Interview: A Fashion Guide

Like many others, you may be fresh out of college wanting to show off your skills and personality to a prospective company, but have your elders in your ear telling you how to dress the part even though it’s completely outdated. You may also have several years of experience in a particular field and are looking to make a career change, but haven’t touched up on what is appropriate to wear to that interview. It’s no secret the times have changed and in large part, thanks to our generation. We are bold, fearless, and determined. Some may categorize our efforts as lazy or unprofessional, mainly in the way we dress or carry ourselves, but we see our clothes and style telling a different story. Just decades ago jeans were more common for a relaxing Saturday morning or a night out at the local country club. Today they are found in many workplaces due to the comfort, diverse style changes, and revised fashion trends. That being said, our generation is making its way through the professional …

Outfit of the (Yester)day: Come Monday Night

Originally posted on mailbox mermaid:
My ultimate source of style aesthetic inspiration is the iconically twee 2014 Belle & Sebastian musical movie, God Help the Girl, a film in which Emily Browning and other cute hipster friends dance around Glasgow making music and wearing the best vintage-inspired clothing known to man. Talk about life goals. The mustard tones of this sweater remind me of the music video to the film’s title song, an indie-pop romp that features a lot of footage of gorgeous boater-hat-clad Emily lying in a sepia-toned field on a bright sunny day while singing. That sounds like my happy place in a nutshell. (Given the day of the week, though, this post is named after a slightly different God Help the Girl number.) Until I too can conquer my mental health demons by starting a retro band with Oly Alexander, I’m content to reenact my favorite film with what’s available to me: Peter Pan collars and warm colors galore! This is Modcloth’s Foxtail & Fern dress, the first item of clothing I ever purchased from that fine vintage-inspired,…

Tulle Me About It: One Skirt, Two Ways

Originally posted on mailbox mermaid:
Soft, dainty tulle skirts are, as Prospero famously says in the closing of The Tempest, such stuff as style dreams are made on. (Didn’t you know that Shakespeare’s iconic sorcerer was into pastel fashion?) Not only am I lucky enough to have a tulle skirt of my own–I bided my time for so long, waiting for a Charlotte Russe 50% off sale that finally hit in December–I’ve also discovered two very delightfully different ways of styling it. One matches perfectly with my 70s French Provincial dresser and vanity table (featured in the mirror shot above!) while the other looks vaguely vampire-slayer-at-a-gala. That’s a kind of duality I can live with. Tulle skirt ♥ Charlotte Russe Fake leather (always!) jacket ♥ a charity shop in Edinburgh   Cropped sweater and infinity scarf ♥ XXI Forever, as they’re calling themselves these days Striped crop top ♥ H&M, altered  Rose quartz pendant ♥ a strange, mystical rock shop near Zion National Park, Utah Considering that my second look was vaguely inspired by S1 Buffy’s “Prophecy Girl” attire,…

Envicase: A New Social Media for Fashion and Beauty

Originally posted on Written in the Cosmets:
Hey lovlies, I don’t usually do posts on apps but this past weekend I have fallen in love with this one called Envicase. Currently it is only available for iphones but it will be released to android in the future. What is it? It is a new mobile application in which users connect with each other through the items they own,sharing stories,providing useful shopping tips, and “envying” one another. I know the word envy makes it seem kind of snobbish but let me tell you it is not! It’s a great tool for discovering new items. You post a picture, say where you bought it and the price! I am in love but I don’t think my wallet will be in a few months haha Check it out and add me, inthecosmets ! Thanks for reading — xxoo Corinne Facebook Instagram Twitter Tsu ?