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18 signs you’re now an adult

Originally posted on Views of Venus:
You have a full time job and earn your own money; no more handouts from mum and dad! What you do with that money is no longer your parents’ business! Way too much of your time is spent on hold to the tax man… … which makes you wonder why the Government needs so much of your monthly wage? Clean clothes stop appearing from nowhere – you actually have to wash them yourself. Sleep is your best friend. Bedtime is now before midnight instead of after, because being a grown-up is exhausting! You’re learning new ways to cook a meal from scratch with limited food supplies! The thought of buying new furniture with your boyfriend is somehow romantic. There’s always another bill to pay… They just don’t stop! You dread Christmas because you know you can’t afford it. You’re constantly in need of a back and/or foot massage. The thought of a vodka shot makes you feel a bit sick… …because you’ve decided your weekends are valuable and should not…