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What Happens When You Have Been Unemployed for Too Long

The last time I was unemployed and looking for a job was in January of 2016. The project I was working on in 2015 had closed down and the whole team designated for the project was forced to look for work elsewhere. It took me four months to get a decent job, and even that was a three-month contract at a startup company doing SEO writing. Three months later, I was back out in the unemployment market. Of course, the good news was that a month after my short-term employment ended, another company was kind enough to offer me a job offer, that time a permanent one with growth potential and possibly a brighter future for me. But what if I didn’t get the short-term contract? I’d have been out of a job for almost six months and that would have been a questionable scenario for employers during my interviews. There wouldn’t be an interview. It would have been a full-blown crime-scene investigation and interrogation. I would come under scrutiny for not having found a job, or worse, accused of being …


Originally posted on AngelWorlds:
In a world full of trends, i want to remain a classic That sentence gonna be my forever favourite quote and reminder to self too. —— This is not a usual way i am starting a blog post….. Instead, you might find that the sentence and paragraph on this blog post is quite jumping here and there. I do my own reflection as i type this. So pardon the messy paragraph and i hope you guys still enjoy reading this and get something to hold on, to value yourself, and to stand for what you believe ❤️ ————…..———— Often, we lost our identity just to fit in into the crowds. We can’t hold on to the value we once believe… Just because that’s too odd or old fashioned for others. We know that some ideas are just wrong but we don’t have enough courage to stand and say NO. Sad. Tragic. Why? Because we afraid that we don’t have somebody to be with us. Someone cool enough to support us. So…

Do What You Love, Even When It Sucks

Originally posted on Ellie Hartleb:
Acclaimed sportswriter Red Smith said, “Writing is easy; you just open a vein and bleed.” As it turns out, Red was right — writing is a lonely, sometimes soul-sucking battle. Throughout my writing history, the main players have been myself, a pen, a legal pad and a laptop. After years of trying to master the craft, I have learned only a few things: Mastery is impossible, My best writing is first produced by hand in the middle of the night, and I love this, even when I hate it. On the eve of my fourth semester of college, I have realized that growing up to do what I love is more difficult (and more expensive) than I ever imagined. College has taken a lot of mental, physical and financial strain lately. It has both affirmed that my lifelong love of writing will one day be my full time job, and has made me question, more than ever, whether I really belong in this atmosphere. As it turns out, loving what I…

Getting Your S**t Together

There are a lot of 20/30somethings that have self declared that they are experiencing a quarter life crisis. If you haven’t heard the term yet you can read more about it here. Three common questions that seem to be most associated with this syndrome are: What am I going to do with my life? How do I figure it all out? How do I get my s**t together? As someone who is constantly told that I “seem to have ‘it’ all figured out” and that I “seem to have it together,” I’d like to tackle these questions.

It’s OKAY to be a Tourist

Originally posted on Little Brantley Abroad:
My post today is all about being a tourist. I don’t know why but a lot of us see that word with negative connotations. We often picture dorky people with giant maps taking up the entire sidewalk, covered head to toe in I LOVE (insert popular city here) clothing and butchering the local language. Well, I am here to make you see the term tourist in not only a positive light, but as something we would aspire to be! Tourist: noun // A person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure. I’m not sure about you, but being a tourist sounds pretty damn nice to me. It means you are in a new place; you are out of your comfort zone and taking a daring adventure for the first time. There have been countless occasions, whilst on vacation, that I didn’t take a picture or feel comfortable filming just because I didn’t want to look like a tourist. There are so many amazing photos that would have been worth the…